The Russian electronic warfare system "fried" drones attacking the Khmeimim airbase from 40 kilometers

Russian EW funds were able to destroy terrorist drones from a distance of 40 kilometers.

A few hours ago, the Russian military air base Khmeimim was again attacked by terrorists of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group (terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - approx. Ed.). Several unmanned aerial vehicles were sent towards the Russian military airfield, however, the latter were destroyed immediately upon entering Syrian airspace controlled by the Syrian military, and the drones were shot down by Russian electronic warfare systems.

According to a number of sources, the terrorist unmanned aerial vehicles were successfully neutralized at a distance of about 40 kilometers from the Russian military base Hmeimim. According to some reports, we are talking about a powerful radio-electronic suppression station, which may indicate the fact that we are talking about the use of the “Kraukha” system, which was previously seen at the Russian military base in Latakia.

It should be clarified that this is far from the first terrorist attack that was successfully repulsed by electronic warfare equipment, however, in most cases, it is necessary to use air defense systems to defeat targets.

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Well, why can’t you control with the help of our UAVs the territories adjacent to Syria online? After all, plus to this, and our reconnaissance aircraft monitor the territories adjacent to the Syrian border? And our companions too? What is the problem? Establish a transmission system from our
drone and from satellites to the "Drying" coordinates
enemy drones launch sites online
regime and inflict a devastating blow on the convoy that delivered these drones, and on the drones themselves, not allowing them to cross the Syrian border, so as not to bother later. We control the airspace of nearby
territories? What is the problem?

The starting point is a piece of desert, where drones brought by cars, there is nothing to destroy there.

It is necessary to establish the starting points of these drones and destroy them at the root, not reaching the crossing of the Syrian border.

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In general, it’s interesting, and by the way, everywhere they shouted that Alepo was freed, peaceful life was getting better, and where is it a quiet peaceful life?

There is nothing complicated in creating such a drone. Correction - at least GPS (aka Navstar), at least Glonass, etc. The Chinese are selling everything they need to create drones. Including controllers for any conceivable architecture of aircraft, with navigation, telemetry and all that is needed. There is also remote control equipment and on-board video equipment. As well as motors, their drivers, batteries, etc. etc. And on the profile forums there are a lot of instructions on what and how to do, and on youtube there are a lot of videos on this topic - look at least the channel
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Not repeated. In Afghanistan there was no strong Central Authority, as in Vietnam. In Syria, such power exists. Therefore, the outcome of this war will be for Assad.
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