Russian airlines


Russian airlines expect to eliminate competitors

The largest Russian air carriers see a way out of the current crisis situation in the elimination of competitors.

At the moment, the existence of the largest Russian air carriers is under great threat because of the depreciation of the ruble. According to experts, in the event that one of the largest airlines will be declared bankrupt, this will allow the industry to restore stability of its work, and quickly increase the pace of attracting income.

However, in order to protect themselves from various risks, the air carriers decided to withdraw some of their aircraft from service, which would reduce costs, but with further destabilization of the situation with the Russian ruble, we can expect that the situation in the Russian civil aviation sector can only worsen .

Currently, the two largest airlines of the country, in particular, we are talking about air carriers "UTair" and "VIM-Avia", Litigation is under way. Last week the court refused to recognize the carrier "UTair"Bankrupt, but a similar claim was filed against the airline" VIM-Avia. "