Russian checkpoints in Syria set off to storm American tanks

US troops decided to "storm" the Russian and Syrian checkpoints in Syria with their tanks.

According to Iraqi media, about a day ago, the United States sent a huge column of armored vehicles from one of the military bases in Iraq, which included several tanks. Thus, the United States intends to strengthen its military patrols with heavy armored vehicles, while experts do not exclude that it is with the use of tanks that the United States intends to organize "assaults" of roadblocks erected on highways in the northern and north-eastern part of Syria.

“A column of American military equipment went from Iraq to Syria. According to TASS, the convoy consists of several dozen cars. In total, it has more than 50 units of military equipment ”- reports the publication "".

There are no official comments from representatives of the US military command on this subject, however, it was previously reported that the American side is constructing a new military base near Tel Tamra, in connection with which, there are suggestions that heavy armored vehicles It will be based here, and if necessary, it will be used to patrol the northern part of Syria.

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