Aircraft IL-114


Russian IL-114-300 can "lose" Chinese MA700

Russian passenger planes IL-114-300 may be unclaimed due to cheaper Chinese MA700.

The Chinese aviation corporation “AVIC” is preparing for the first flight tests of the developed MA700 turboprop aircraft. This aircraft is rapidly gaining popularity, and already today Chinese aircraft manufacturers have about 200 orders for the production of this aircraft. Given the lower cost, analysts believe that the Chinese MA700 may become a competitor to the Russian IL-114-300, whose mass production will begin after the 2021 year.

Experts pay attention to the fact that the domestic IL-114-300 may be inferior to the Chinese MA700 in terms of passenger capacity, but it clearly outperforms the latter in terms of the maximum flight range, which, however, is still a very controversial issue. It is assumed that the mass production of Russian IL-114 can be limited to 300-400 aircraft, while the demand for Chinese turboprop aircraft is already very large, although there is still a few years before the start of mass production. Moreover, domestic air carriers do not show much interest in Russian turboprop aircraft, while in China, 700 carriers are already interested in MA11 aircraft.

Good advice, Anatoly. Only with the barriers and preferences, the newly-emerged monopolists will play with the cost and prices of the aircraft in such a way that operators will also need preferences and subsidies, and it will be cheaper to take them by taxi.

Delov something! Our market is huge. And the planes are needed. It remains to organize preferences for their products and barriers for others. Factories are working, planes are flying, people are getting paid, GDP is growing. What else is needed.