Start-up of the rocket Caliber


Russian "Calibres" seen on their way to Syria

Panic is ripening in the ranks of Syrian militants.

Today during the day, reportedly reported in a number of sources, while passing through the Bosporus, was seen a Russian small missile ship (IRA) "Great Ustyug", armed with 26 rockets "Caliber". According to experts, the rocket "Caliber" is supposed to be used to inflict a massive blow to the positions of Syrian militants occupying the south-western part of Syria, which is likely to confirm the previously appeared information about the forthcoming large-scale offensive in this direction.

Among other things, according to unconfirmed reports, Russian combat aircraft are preparing for massive strikes against Syrian militants. This is mainly a group of military aircraft based at the Russian military air base Khmeimim (Syria). According to the initial data, which appeared a few days ago, in the large-scale offensive operation it is planned to use more than 20 combat aircraft means, and in it can take part and the newest Russian fighters of the fifth generation of Su-57.

It should be clarified that the authorities of Syria called on the militants, occupying the south-western part of Syria to lay down their arms and leave their positions within 48 hours, but after the specified period, these requirements were not met.

“Russian Calibr cruise missiles are capable of crushing militants and destroying their positions in just a few minutes. This has already been proven by their numerous applications, and the Veliky Ustyug ship will not even need to approach the territory of Syria, since the missiles accurately hit targets at distances over 2 thousand kilometers. ”, - the military expert comments.

The Russian combat aircraft, which earlier had already taken part in mass strikes against the East Guta oasis, in fact, suppressing terrorists and forcing them to surrender

* R & D "Caliber" - Russian cruise missile, designed to destroy sea and land targets. During the operation to free Syria, it was used at least 9 times, proving its high efficiency.

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