Complex Dagger


Russian complexes "Dagger" first shown from space

Russian ARC "Dagger" for the first time "lit up" on satellite images.

The Russian Dagger aviation missile systems, the existence of which became known less than a year ago, have already become the envy of almost any country in the world. Despite the fact that their real capabilities still remain undetected, the aircraft carrying the MiG-31, and the X-47М2 hypersonic missiles themselves, have already managed to get satellite imagery.

Today, at the disposal of the resource, there were unique satellite images taken at the end of 2018 of the year, where you can see domestic ARK “Dagger” located at a military air base in Akhtubinsk. Familiar with the Russian aircraft carrier MiG-31 and hypersonic X-47М2 rockets from satellite images can anyone, for which it is enough to use open for access satellite maps and services, such as the service "Google Maps».

It is completely obvious that we are talking about X-47М2 hypersonic rockets, which is confirmed both by their dimensions and shape.

For what reasons the secret Russian hypersonic rockets are stored in the open air, so far remains unknown, but given several satellite images of different dates, Russian rockets capable of speeding up in 12250 km / h are here for a clearly long time.

They showed the palaces of the Bush family of the oil owners, who robbed the ransomed Iraq of millions of tons of oil in their pockets.

Do not whistle. There are no rockets on google maps. And on Yandex maps in Akhtubinsk I found SU-57.

This is Dagger-2.

Only pictures are not the end of 2018, but the spring of 2018.

They are not rubber, they are cotton.

Fresh noodles? And from space did not show giving officials, robbing their own people?

))) the size and shape are the same ...))) And what if it’s rubber Daggers?! ... We also have rubber tanks, airplanes, an air defense missile system and much more ...)))

Indeed, why are airplanes with the latest missiles not in caponiers? Or is it necessary, how would the drones drop bombs on them like in Syria?

The dagger has only rear stabilizers. In the photo, the missiles have front and rear plumage.