Iskander rocket strike


Russian OTRK Iskander received nuclear missiles capable of erasing small towns

The Russian Iskander tactical missile system turned out to be a carrier of nuclear charges.

The editors of the information resource became aware that the domestic OTRK Iskander turned out to be such a promising complex that it is capable of destroying small cities with only a few volleys. This is due to the fact that Iskander has the opportunity to use nuclear missiles, and given the recent tests of this complex with the launch of missiles at a training ground in Kazakhstan (the latter failed, ed.), The missiles can already cover distances of more than 600 kilometers, and according to some reports, thanks to modernization, they will be able to hit targets at distances up to 1.5 thousand kilometers.

"Operational and tactical missile systems (OTRK)" Iskander-M "may receive nuclear equipment. This follows from the official press service of the Eastern Military District. Commentators on the “bmpd” blog in LiveJournal drew attention to the phrase about working out “issues related to the delivery of special [that is, nuclear] ammunition to a conditional area”. It is noted that this message is the first official recognition of the presence of Iskander-M in the nuclear version. ", - reports the edition "

Experts, in turn, note that even with the use of tactical nuclear weapons, Russian systems will be able to demolish entire cities, not to mention the possibility of "spreading" enemy bases.

“Even taking into account the use of tactical nuclear charges, two missiles can easily sweep away cities, not to mention military facilities, such as naval bases, airfields, etc. - they’ll simply blow them apart.", - the expert notes.

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