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Russian "Shell-S" were able to shoot down an Israeli rocket only 9 times

It became known about the extremely low effectiveness of the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems.

Israel decided to disclose information about the extremely low efficiency of Russian air defense systems transferred to Syria. So, according to the NZIV publication, Russian air defense systems spend an average of 8-9 missiles per F-16 fighter fired to destroy Israeli anti-radar missiles, in fact, firing at random.

“Syrian air defense systems were able to repel a missile strike on Damascus after launching several missiles, but some still very successfully hit their targets. So what is the effectiveness of Syrian air defense? Regardless of which air defense units are equipped with Russian weapons and equipment, there is not always publicly available and reliable data, but if we take, for example, the Israeli Air Force attack on the night of February 6 ... Syrian air defense systems were seriously damaged and destroyed. Of the eight rockets fired by the Israeli Air Force, four were shot down. In contrast, Syria’s air defense used 35 ground-to-air missiles, which in itself indicates random, rather ineffective firing. ”- сообщает edition.

Thus, to repulse the large-scale strike of the Israeli Air Force, the launch of a much larger number of missile defense is required, although until now it was assumed that such a ratio is 1 to 1 or, in extreme cases, 1 to 2, which causes a lot of questions on this subject.

Because attacks have a purpose. Prevention of offensive weapons and missile systems from entering Syria. Israel does not shoot at Syrian tanks and cannons, but destroys only what can harm it. As soon as Iran and Raska stop delivering missiles and warheads, so immediately the Israeli attacks cease. And so on in a circle. For its security, Russia took Crimea so that NATO would not walk there. And Israel does not want to occupy Syria, it just destroys the threat.

Israel has good three-tier missile defense systems. Hetz-2/3, David's Sling, Iron Dome, Patriot, Hawk-23.
A simple search will show how Israel shot down Iranian drones, Syrian Dryers, for example, in 2018. Moreover, it’s much older than the Shell complex of the Patriot.

I wonder why Israel has reduced the number of attacks? :-) Probably due to oblique shells! :-) What else do you say? :-)


Yes, even from the tenth time!

We must try on F16. Maybe subside

Why is the US threatening to apply sanctions for the purchase of the Shell-controlled complex by the countries it controls? If there’s no sense in him?

Important factor who controls

not low efficiency, but a knockout victory in round 9! You would think that in Israel, not our Jews are working on missiles? “Shell C” is gaining experience and increasing effectiveness in battles, and this is great for Russia.

shoot air defense with mud or straw?

That you pester these shells. There are other funny things in Syria such as EW, which both Jews and Americans are asking not to include. Recently they turned it on to protect the base from drones, and over 200 km two Amer fighters barely landed ....

Well, if Israel claims that, oh tady!

And how does the American missile defense work, we must ask the Saudis))

Great answer!

Israel, like Turkey, is being beaten under the guise of civilian aircraft, through the territory of a neutral state ... They must be warned that soon they will need to test their patriots by drinking Syrian points U ... And calculate their Efficiency. Well, scaring an ally of Russia with nuclear warheads will be ridiculous, in advance the main thing is to warn smart Jews ...

The horse gallops beautifully and briskly when the rider is good! And who controls our technology in Syria? The T-90 tank the Syrians (sold) surrendered to the bandits and so what? They could not control it, not like firing a gun. So it is with our "Shell". Installing it on the line of contact - this is still not shutting off missiles. Need long-range reconnaissance and more! If the aircraft carrier is escorted by another twenty ships, then it works.

ZPRK actually

Rejoice that you are.

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You see what’s the matter, my dear, this “shell” is intended to destroy missiles fired from these planes, and not the planes themselves. And he cannot do that either.

What are the "Syrian hands", what are you talking about? Who will allow the Syrians to air defense systems ???

because they shoot from 100 km or from Lebanon or even over the Mediterranean Sea and do not enter Syria

To our regret, Israeli tactics against Syrian air defense work. Our systems in Syrian hands are turning into layouts.

Why the Syrian army does not prevent the very source of launching missiles from the same F-35 aircraft, because it will be much more effective from all sides.

Do not buy squid rings near the synagogue.
These are not squids !!!

But at the expense of cannon weapons in general, the song ...))) YouTube will help you. Look through the search engine "Polygon. Shell-S" and see for yourself ...))))

No wonder. I won’t talk much, it’s enough in the YouTube search engine "Polygon. Shell-S" where at the very end of the film the 4th Shell did not manage to destroy the slow-moving model with cannon weapons and somehow doubts about the notorious air defense system unwittingly creep in ... The final laudatory odes of the leader in this complex ...)))))

And American patriots don't even wake up

It is possible, but only qualitatively, and if Soyuzmultfilm is not expensive to take.
And then with the "Daggers" all reduced - it was too poor-quality cartoons turned out. A lot, see, sawn.

Well, firstly, in the Syrian air defense systems are still used complexes of the zero years, moreover, the export version, as usual cut down on opportunities. If I’m not mistaken, there is used an optical-electronic channel for guiding missiles, in the radar it is only used for detection. Although it is possible there are newer missile defense systems. In addition, it is not known how experienced the specialists serving the complex.
Well, and secondly, whose cow would moo. Does Israel have better air defense? No, that Israeli, that American air defense suffer failure after failure when intercepting air targets.

Israel is the most militarized country in the world. They all go "cut off".

relevant, especially against the backdrop of the effectiveness of the iron dome

We need this wise guy who writes all sorts of nonsense to put on an Israeli plane and send to Syria to check the work of the "Shell-S".

If Shell-S were really ineffective, then why impose sanctions against the KBP (Tula) ?!

Cool news tells how Israel successfully bombed another country. But why doesn’t one of the journalists ask the question why is Israel bombing a foreign country on what grounds? If it seemed to them that they should be baptized then they should not launch rockets! And in the case of Israel, the population is vainly vying for it, as well as the area of ​​the country itself. They would sit quietly, because the rockets won’t save, they’ll come and trample underfoot, and the United States will sit quietly because they are fighting either with the wrong hands, or with those who are much weaker, but on the condition that there is oil in this country where you can make money in one word . Free of charge, the USA does not fight, they ran like barbarians, ran away.

Do you want to test "Topol - M"?

Yes, along the pipitz will come faster with China with its own flavor! than from rockets to NATO allies!

Well, if Israel had not praised its weapons.

Established by Israel’s cabinet writers .., commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Defense

1 out of 8 and not bad, or compare the prices of rockets and shells.

Carapace ... You still haven’t seen our horsemeat. Whole world over ours

The shell is a missile-cannon complex, so what can be with 8-9 rounds (shells)?

Shell Consumes 1 missile per target. But the Israelis can continue, as in a joke, to tell everyone that "at 1 they can do it 80 times a night."

Maybe you should remind Israel of Termite missiles? And the sad fate of the destroyer Eilat in 1967, from such small "mosquitoes" with the right missile launches? They forgot a little, sometimes, apparently, it is necessary to remind!))) And not only in words, they sometimes do not reach well, but also in deeds, effective deeds ...!)))

Perhaps the arrows are like that!

It means that with its shelling it is testing the air defense system of Syria, and for one of its own missiles. Maybe right away in Russia, which is embarrassing.

I ran on foot

And the main question - what means of objective control, it was found that 9 launches of missiles were made? Well and on trifles - 9 launches, it takes quite a long time, the range of the shell missiles is about 10 km. That is, according to the logic of things, the Israeli missile should be in the air defense zone all this time. Question - Israeli rocket "flew" standing still? Or hover like a helicopter?

Edition of Israel.
Therefore, the word-of-mouth is strange with a propaganda scent, for example, "shooting at random."
And the numbers of 8-9 rockets per rocket in Israel are in doubt.
It is strange that the fact of defeat is generally recognized, usually Israel never acknowledges this and greatly underestimates the loss figures.


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