Russian anti-submarine Tu-142 worked strikes against enemy submarines

Crews Tu-142 make training flights in the sky of the Vologda region

The Tu-142 aircraft that rose from an airbase in the Vologda region set off on a regular flight. He was training. Such flights are necessary for crews, as they allow to maintain their flight skills at the proper level.

The Tu-142 are anti-submarine aircraft. The on-board refueling system on board provides virtually unlimited flight time. Without any difficulty, they overcome the distance separating their base from the Arctic Ocean. There they provide reliable control of the territorial and adjacent Russian waters.

During the long-term operation of the Tu-142, which is called "submarine killers", they have been repeatedly upgraded. Now they have modern electronic equipment, they also have additional armament - they are aviation anti-submarine missiles and torpedoes.

These aircraft are able to detect any submarines that have approached the Russian borders. If necessary, the submarine, located at any depth, will be destroyed.