Russian air defense missed their bases American MQ-9 Reaper. Video

Russian air defense systems over northern Syria did not notice the American given drone over the positions of the Russian military.

An American attack drone was spotted over the positions of the Russian military in northeastern Syria. The video posted by social networks was made on December 1 of 2019 of the year, while at least one Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile system is located in the indicated area (according to other sources, the Pantsir-S 2 air defense system and Tor-M1 air defense system are Ed.), however, for unknown reasons, there was no reaction at all to the appearance of an attack drone near the Russian military air base (the location of the Russian and Syrian air force helicopters - Syria) and the positions of the Russian military.

It is known that the drone was spotted in the area of ​​the village of Ain Issa, which was also transferred to the control of the Russian military on December 1 of the 2019, which causes a lot of concern among experts about whether the US military will try to use an attack drone against the Russian military, especially considering the fact that the latter are gradually crowding out the United States from the region.

For what reasons the Russian military allowed the appearance of a drone in a controlled area - it is not known, however, experts pay attention to a recent statement by the Russian side that all actions between Russian and American military units are carefully coordinated, and therefore, it is possible that access to the area was specifically open to the American MQ-9 Reaper.

Не правда,он лежит на земле,сбитый и униженный.

Цитата : (все действия между российскими и американскими военными подразделениями тщательным образом согласовываются, в связи с чем, не исключено, что доступ в район был специально открыт для американского MQ-9 Reaper.)
Так почему заголовок статьи (Российские системы ПВО над северной Сирией не заметили американский данный беспилотник над позициями российских военных.)????