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Russian EW "dulls" American aircraft off the coast of Cuba

Are Russian means of electronic warfare already in Cuba?

The US Department of Defense is seriously concerned about the strange impact of radio electronic signals on its aircraft while flying off the coast of Cuba. The impact does not lead to any serious consequences, but experts have suggested that the systems only operate at minimum power, and, if necessary, they will be able to have a serious impact on American aircraft and ships.

Given the fact that Cuba does not have its own electronic warfare systems (EW), it may well be about the transfer of Russian EW systems to Liberty Island, which is especially important because of the confrontation between Russia and the United States. There have not been any official comments from the Russian Defense Ministry on this issue, however, it is obvious that the deployment of Russian electronic warheads in Cuba may well correspond to reality.

Independent analysts, in turn, do not exclude the possibility that US electronic warfare can also be used to jam US planes, as in recent years, China has made serious progress in creating such complexes, and given the recent accusations of the United States that China uses its combat lasers for attacks of American military aircraft, the presented information fully corresponds to reality.

The authorities of Cuba itself do not comment on any reproaches to their side.

Well, that's fine.

In Syria they have been dying for a long time!

Yeah, they're jamming in Cuba, but they do not jam in Syria ...

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