C-400 in Turkey


Russian C-400 deployed in Turkey unexpectedly disappeared

C-400 deployed in Turkey suddenly disappeared.

A few weeks ago, Turkey demonstrated the Russian C-400 deployed for testing in one of the regions of Turkey, however, according to a number of sources, at the moment there are no signs of an expanded air defense and missile defense system in this area, which causes a lot of questions.

According to sources, at the moment in the location of C-400 there is no noticeable activity of C-400 systems. The exact reason for this is unknown, however, it has also been suggested that Ankara made a similar move in order not to “shine” the position of its air defense and missile defense systems in the area that has already been shown, and, accordingly, Now it can regularly be monitored by both military and commercial spacecraft.

On the other hand, the information was published by the source without demonstration of the relevant photographs and video materials, in connection with which, it is possible that this is an informational stuffing, however, at the same time, to establish whether C-400 are located in this area using the pictures, made by the Sentinel 2 commercial spacecraft Avia.pro specialists also failed due to low resolution images

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