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Russian C-400 in Syria in earnest scared the US military

In the US, talking about the threats posed by the Russian C-400 in Syria.

Lieutenant-General Kenneth Mackenzie, who is a candidate for the post of head of the US Central Command, said that the Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems guarding the Russian Khmeimim air base pose a serious threat to American military aircraft. According to Mackenzie, Washington should carefully consider this threat, since Russian air defense systems can hit air targets at distances up to 400 kilometers.

According to reports, Russia launched its own air defense system in Syria, however, they were not on alert, which, in turn, has so far not created any serious threats. On the other hand, Mackenzie fears that after activating these air defense systems, they will become a serious threat.

“Activated C-400 will increase the threat to our forces and our coalition partners flying over Syria”- said Mackenzie.

For what reasons, Russia did not put the C-400 “Triumph” air defense system into combat readiness, especially considering the incident that occurred with the destruction of the Russian IL-20, so far remains unknown.

What child would not play. they really could have closed the sky over Syria for a long time and shot down everything that flies, no padla would have flown closer after a couple of settled airplanes ... there C-300 would have been quite enough ...

In fact, it is not at all pleasing ... The point was to import C-400 there, if they do not apply? Personally, I see so far stupid show-off, and saber-rattling, but no more ...