Russian C-500 on the ships of the Russian Navy "crush" the US nuclear potential

The sea-based C-500 SAM system could bring the RF Pro to a new level

New complexes are designed as components of strategic missile defense. C-500 is provided by anti-aircraft missiles, the range of which reaches 600 kilometers. As for the detection range of a complex of potential targets belonging to different types, it is increased by 200 kilometers and is approximately 800 kilometers. However, such data are available in open sources. Real tactical and technical data are not known. With regard to potential targets, they can be, as individual aircraft, and air attack groups or missiles of various classes.

As for the ship version of the C-500 air defense system, the issue has not yet been resolved. At first, it was a matter of saying that the ground version would begin to arrive in the troops in the 2016 year (the deadlines, as we know, shifted), and by the 2020 year the production of these complexes for sea basing could begin. "Prometheus" was planned to be installed on promising aircraft carriers of the ambitious 23000 "Storm" project. The displacement of these ships should be up to 100 thousand tons. The length of their body is almost 330 meters. For the first ship even the name “George Zhukov” was determined. The aircraft equipment of the ships should be the deck version of the Su-57.

However, the Indian side has a heightened interest in Russian missile defense. The country's leadership is currently engaged in a dispute with the American side, arguing the need to acquire C-400, but interest in the complexes is even higher. Foreign “partners” are interested in what the characteristics of “Prometheus” will differ from the existing ones in “Triumph”. Such information is needed in order to be able to evaluate the missile defense components of the missile defense system at sea. In the event that C-500 can indeed detect targets at a distance of up to 800 kilometers, and hit them at a distance of up to 600 kilometers, the ship version of the air defense system can ensure the security of Russia's borders. This can lead Russia’s missile defense to a whole new level.

When the C-500 system enters the armed forces of the Russian Federation, then many cauliflower lovers will be no laughing matter. Let them in advance preoccupied with the purchase of toilet paper.



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