Russian aircraft forced the American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" to sail

The US carrier strike group left the waters of Norway ahead of schedule.

The Avia.pro resource found out that the US Navy carrier strike team, headed by the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, left the Trident Juncture 2018 military exercise. According to the command of the US Navy, this is due to an impending storm, but experts have suggested that the actions of the Russian space forces would be to blame for everything.

“We need to know when it is time to go to the shelter or leave the path of the approaching storm”- said Rear Admiral Jean Black, the commander of the carrier strike group.

However, it was previously reported that the command of the US Navy reacted angrily to the flights of the Russian strategic bomber-missile bombers Tu-160 near the zone of military exercises held flight of the Russian anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 a few kilometers from the flagship of the US Sixth Fleet, and at all announced Russia's attempts to demonstrate open aggression.

It should be clarified that a storm is really approaching the area of ​​military exercises, however, according to experts, we are not talking about the 10-meter waves, which are indicated by the command of the US Navy.