The Su-25


Russian Su-25 attack aircraft struck at positions of terrorists

Russian VCS attacked the positions of pro-Turkish and pro-American militants.

Systematic clashes between the warring militants on the side of the United States of America and Turkey with the government forces of Syria led to the fact that the advancement of the Syrian troops in the liberation of the territory of the Arab Republic significantly slowed down. Against this backdrop, the Russian military aeronautics agency inflicted a powerful air strike on the positions of militants on the border of the Syrian provinces Idlib and Khama.

It is known that the airstrike was inflicted by the Su-25 attack aircraft, while the fire was corrected by unmanned aerial vehicles. As seen on the presented frames, the militants fortified area was located near the road, which did not allow the Syrian government forces to advance to the north-west of the republic, but powerful pinpoint attacks allowed the Islamists to cause serious damage, although at the same time no casualties were reported.

It should be clarified that the militants of the Islamist group "Jaish al-Izz", which opposes the legitimate Syrian authorities, receive from the United States and Turkey full support, including in the form of weapons and special means (unmanned aerial vehicles, communications equipment, etc.) , which seriously complicates the process of liberation of the territory of Syria.

Ранее specialists told about the successes achieved by the Russian military security services in the liberation of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic for the year and announced the expected goals and objectives until the end of the year 2018.