Russian missile defense systems were not ready to repel a massive nuclear strike

Russian missile defense systems require “tens of minutes” to repel a massive nuclear strike.

Contrary to claims that Russian missile defense systems are always ready to repel any missile strike, Major General Sergei Grabchuk, the commander of the 1st Air Defense / Missile Defense Division of the Air Defense Forces, unexpectedly stated in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda that in reality, it takes several tens of minutes to repulse a missile strike.

“After the completion of the active section of the flight of a ballistic missile, a complex ballistic target is formed, consisting of warheads covered by several dozen false targets. Such a complex ballistic target moves toward a defended object at a speed of up to seven kilometers per second. The fact of a missile launch is recorded by our space echelon of a missile attack warning system, further tracking of a complex ballistic target is carried out by radar stations, which are the second ground echelon of a missile attack warning system, which are located along the border of our country. If targets attack Moscow, the missile attack warning system forms target designations for the missile defense system, which begins its combat cycle. The duration of the combat operation of the missile defense system is up to several tens of minutes. Target detection is carried out at ranges of several thousand kilometers. At the same time, the task of distinguishing warheads from a variety of false targets, clarifying their trajectories is being continuously solved, at the estimated time, missile defense is launched and guided to the meeting points, where warheads are destroyed ”- said Grabchuk.

What exactly period of time should be understood by several tens of minutes is not known, however, it was previously reported that the flight time of American ballistic missiles to targets in Russia is about 10-12 minutes.

For what reasons, Russian missile defense systems, which are on constant combat alert, need so much time - it is not known.

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BDRM launch of 16 missiles 2,5-3 minutes about what dozens of this warrior says is not known

MAY amount to dozens of minutes - this is the time from the launch of ICBMs from American territory (all kinds of minutemans there) to arrival in the missile defense zone. Those. ICBM launch positions not only in Europe, but also on submarines in the ocean, and on American territory

10-12 minutes from submarines. From the continent 25 minutes


"The duration of the combat operation of the missile defense system is up to several tens of minutes", i.e. the length of the repulse process, not the length of the repulse preparation.


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