Launch of the C-400 missile


Russian modern air defense systems proved useless in Syria

The Russian complexes S-300 and C-400 could not hit Israeli planes.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation earlier stated its readiness to immediately destroy any air targets threatening Russian servicemen, military bases and facilities, on Monday Russian complexes S-300 and C-400, which are by far among the most promising, do not could hit neither missiles launched in the direction of Latakia, the Khmeimim airbase and the supply base in Tartous, nor the Israeli Air Force planes, which could definitely be qualified as an adversary.

“The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation directly stated that Israel had warned about the planned attack on the province of Latakia, where the largest Russian military facilities are located, but the command completely ignored this fact. Israeli missiles were shot down by Syrian air defense systems almost 50 years old and Pantsir complexes, but no one was involved against the enemy, especially as the Russian military knew that an EW plane would land at a Russian military airbase in a few minutes. What is the point of using modern air defense systems if they cannot destroy an enemy threatening the Russian military? ”- Asks a specialist.

As follows from official data, Russian and Syrian military almost 40 minutes reflected the Israeli air force strikes, but at the same time, the decision to destroy the threat itself was never made.