Russian Su-34 deceived C-300, but experts had doubts

Russian fighter-bombers Su-34 were able to bypass the lines of defense of the C-300PM air defense system.

This afternoon, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation provided information that the crews of the Russian fighter-bombers Su-34 were able to pass unnoticed to overcome the lines of defense of the Russian C-300PM anti-aircraft missile systems. It is reported that the success of the Russian pilots was possible thanks to the flight at a low altitude, after which, according to the assignment, the positions of the conditional enemy were struck.

Despite the fact that Russian pilots have proven their highest skill, experts and analysts all this caused a lot of questions.

“Given the range of the Russian C-300PM air defense systems, the Su-34 pilots would have to fly for quite a long time at an altitude of 10-20 meters. This is an extremely difficult task, and is feasible solely in a learning environment. It is logical to assume that the crews of the VKS managed to uncover a serious shortcoming of the Russian air defense system, which the enemy could certainly use. ”, - the analyst notes.

No official comments from the military on this subject have yet been received, but analysts have already questioned the possible effectiveness of the use of these complexes in the same Syria, especially considering the flight of Israeli fighters at low altitudes.

The C-300 has a low-level detector on the tower, which sees targets at altitudes above 5 meters from the ground.

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To defeat objects flying at low altitude, obviously, there are other means of destruction that were not involved for the purity of the experiment.

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And what is the range? The radio wave propagates DIRECTLY, the earth is ROUND, the farther from the detection station - the higher the locator can detect the target. They are raised (locators) to be seen further, but this does not increase the range much, and if there are ravines - river beds, then there are generally dead zones for detection.

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