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Russian Su-35S bombed a tank column in a few minutes. Video

Russian Su-35S fighters destroyed a tank convoy in a few minutes.

Contrary to the fact that Su-35S fighters are designed more to gain dominance in the sky, it became known that Russian fighters successfully coped with the destruction of a huge convoy of heavy armored vehicles. In particular, we are talking about tanks on which Russian fighters of the 4 ++ generation dropped more than 40 bombs.

“Practical bombing exercises were held in the Voronezh and Tver regions. During these exercises, pilots of the Western Military District dropped more than 40 bombs. Fighters of the 4 ++ Su-35S generation escorted into the winter sky, accompanied by Mig-31 aircraft. Take-offs from home-based aerodromes were carried out at intervals per minute. The pilots were faced with the task of destroying ground targets that imitated the enemy anti-aircraft missile system and a column of tanks on the march "- сообщает publication "Star".

Thus, Russian fighters have shown high efficiency in the fight against enemy armored forces, which also means that these Russian aircraft can perform similar combat missions in Syria, where currently the Russian air force is fighting Turkish M60 and Leopard tanks.

What can not be learned on real goals ...?
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But have the Turks already reached Voronezh?

Where are the facts? Where are the turkish confirmed losses? Training shooting does not count!

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Ukraine did not invade the territory of Russia. Why bomb it?

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It would be a Ukrainian column .. But, Ukraine does not have a Ukrainian column. Therefore, it cannot be destroyed.

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Razansky sugar

American scrap metal is simple, corny, there is nothing to prove superiority over Russian aviation! The United States is 15 years behind Russia in the creation of weapons of the 21st century, including in cruise hypersonic missiles! Russian fighters are armed with missiles superior to American missiles in range of 1,5 times, and in speed several times! Air-to-air hypersonic air-to-air missiles have already been created in Russia! And the Russian quantum locators are already going into mass production.

Don't you know, or pretend?

Why rattle arms under the nose of Turkey, which did not attack Russia. And what is the Russian army doing in Syria? Destroys the militants? Then it is more careful that the explosions of houses like Volgodonsk and Ryazan sugar did not happen again.

The video shows that the snow at the airport is removed manually with scrapers. What is this?

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This is only the beginning in Syria of the destruction of Turkish troops. The question remains open how many Erdogan is ready to bury the Turks in Syria, 1/10, 1 / 25,1 / 2 from the armed forces, and not having achieved success? and how it will affect his choices and the mood in the army for him.

And frankly, I do not think that the Su-35 is such a breakthrough, if American planes were in place they would show their superiority

Would it be Ukr column I would see what you could do


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