Russian attack helicopters flew over the US military, waiting for the Russian patrol. Video

The Russian Mi-28N “Night Hunter” set off to “straighten the brains” of the Americans in Syria.

The overtly aggressive actions of the US military against the Russian military police forced the Russian Air Force command to send their Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters to the showdown with the US Army. According to sources, Russian helicopters flew right above the checkpoint of the US military, obviously, as Syrian sources say, "straightening the brains of the Americans."

In the presented video, you can see how one of the Russian helicopters flies over the city of Hasaka, which is about 20 kilometers from the US military checkpoint. Subsequently, photographs were also published showing the moment of helicopter flight at a distance of several kilometers from US positions.

According to preliminary data, in addition to a kind of edification by the American military, the Mi-28N attack helicopters will also carry out a patrol mission together with a convoy of Russian military personnel, which will allow the American military to demonstrate its readiness to provide appropriate resistance in the event of new skirmishes or aggression from the United States.

It should be clarified that despite the numerous evidence of direct clashes between the Russian and American military in Syria, there are no official statements from representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense.


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