Mi-35M Helicopter


Russian helicopters Mi-35M have fled militants in Nigeria

Russian attack helicopters have become a nightmare for militants in Nigeria.

Recently acquired by Nigeria from Russia, Mi-35M helicopters could perfectly prove themselves in delivering strikes to the camp of the militants of the group "Boko Haram" (a terrorist group whose activities are banned in Russia - ed.), In fact, in just a few minutes turning them into flight and destroyed the camp, equipment and weapons.

As can be seen from the presented personnel, the Russian Mi-35M helicopters inflicted tremendous damage on the militants, not only firing rockets at the camp, but also firing at them with double-barreled aircraft cannons. According to preliminary data, on the site of the former camp were found the bodies of dozens of terrorists, and as the source emphasizes, only a few managed to escape.

"The militants did not expect a powerful attack from combat helicopters, and therefore simply could not oppose it. For terrorists, it was a devastating defeat ", - the local press reports.

The appearance of Russian attack helicopters in Nigeria's arsenal can seriously change the course of the fight against the terrorist group "Boko Haram", which, incidentally, has been unsuccessfully fought for several years.

In the near future, 12 shock helicopters Mi-35M will appear in the arsenal of Nigeria - the contract for their delivery was concluded in 2014 and 2015.

* Mi-35М “Crocodile” is a Russian transport-combat helicopter of round-the-clock use, developed at the Mil Design Bureau. Designed for the destruction of armored vehicles and equipment, landing and fire support units of the ground forces, the evacuation of the wounded, as well as for the transport of goods in the cabin or on an external suspension