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Russian helicopters chased American rangers in Syria

Russian helicopters combed the positional areas of the US military.

Against the background of several incidents in the north-east of the SAR, the Russian airborne forces sent their attack helicopters to this region. On the eve of the day, two VKS Russian attack helicopters were seen in the area of ​​the routes connecting the city of Kamyshli and Hasaku, where several American military roadblocks are located, created specifically to block the movement of the Russian military on the territory of the ATS.

Experts believe that in this way Russia is trying to demonstrate its presence in this region, and, if necessary, is also ready to provide the necessary opposition to the US Armed Forces.

It is alleged that combat helicopters have been on the Khasak-Kamyshli line for a relatively long time, while it is possible that the territory can be controlled in order to identify illegal checkpoints, as well as to develop countermeasures.

It should be clarified that there is no information about exactly which helicopters patrolled the specified area, while sources cite conflicting information that this is not about Mi-35M helicopters, but about Mi-8 helicopters.

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