Russian helicopters were shot down by the UAV "Forpost" attacking the Crimea

Russian helicopters Mi-28N destroyed in the sky above the Crimea military drones.

The press service of the Southern Military District reported that the crews of Russian helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter" destroyed unmanned combat aircraft over the Crimean peninsula. It is about holding exercises aimed primarily at ensuring the security of the country and suppressing the enemy.

The attack of the simulated opponent was simulated by real unmanned aerial vehicles "Forpost", which are capable of moving at an altitude of up to 5800 meters, thereby completely simulating the actions of combat UAVs.

It is reported that Russian Mi-28N helicopter could not only detect aircraft, but also destroy them with precise fire, which indicates the highest professionalism of Russian military pilots.

Among other things, in the ongoing air defense exercises, modern Russian air defense systems were also involved, which repulsed the missile attack of the conventional enemy and at the same time shielded Russian helicopter pilots while eliminating drones.

* Mi-28N "Night Hunter" is a Soviet / Russian strike helicopter manufactured by PJSC Rostvertol, which is part of the Russian Helicopters holding company, designed to search and destroy tanks and other armored vehicles in active firing resistance, as well as low-speed air targets and enemy manpower

So, the Yankees play with fire - they can substitute everyone for as long as they want, but if a global mess starts and gifts fly in them - they will have enough time to remember a lesson, if there is anyone to remember. This bio-waste nation has long been asking for it - when Cuba was beaten off from the Spaniards as early as the 19 century, even then Cubans were first blockaded to sell sugar, farmers began to burn through, and riots began against the Spaniards. Then they organized a pretext for the introduction of the fleet into those regions - in the port, their own military auxiliary ship was blown up, more than 200 American sailors died. Here is a direct analogy with the current Africa and the Middle East can be traced, especially after 11 September. First, they put a mess in those regions, then blew up their own shopping centers, then wow, we are such fighters for the crappy thing, let's go kill Bin Laden)

Russia will not fight either with Israel or with European countries. If a conflict with NATO begins, the goal will be one - the United States. And this target will be destroyed by nuclear weapons. In another way

Is Israel a member of NATO?

Regarding the first part of your outrage, I totally agree. And about a shot down plane, no. And that's why I'll explain why. Yankees, good masters on the bases. Let's try with you to look at the incident, a bit wider. Ie, look in front of you. Russia responds militarily. Another military conflict is being established. And the aggressor for the world community, is Russia. Israel, a member of the NATO military bloc. Yankees, owners of a controlling stake in NATO. All members of the NATO military bloc will be obliged to help Israel. Result? The Third World War. Again Europe, against Russia. And the Yankees, as always, in the shadows and continue to fill their pockets, at the death of the Slavs. Plus more than one decade, pay debts for the war. As it was already, in the 20 century. Now, it's total. Razruha, invalids, widows, orphans and the reconstruction of the country. R.S. War is considered to be won only by one that never began. It's easier to fight one on one, and not one against the crowd. And they will laugh in either case, only liberals and traitors. About which you spoke in the first part of your story.

Now Putin is bad, but Putin is already torn from the 5 Column Navalny, sobchak, titov and other riffraff who will sell us with you for a bag of toilet green called the dollar. Example Gorbachev sold out and even carried, the alcoholic Yeltsin broke up the country put a memorial that the descendants will ruin. All are subject to the United States, which is not interested in a strong Russia. The warriors are engaged in shapeshifting, the people are agitated and amazed by the reforms in the richest country in the world. a, and zero reaction in society and in the army. The wars are afraid, but she is on the verge of not sniveling and chewing, and making another desert in the place of Israel, that would appreciate the cost of a US plane shot down, and so everyone is laughing at Russia, and people are not to laugh.

Do you want retired people to receive a decent pension? Do you want your work not to be depreciated due to a rise in price of the dollar or a reduction in the cost of oil? Want a peaceful sky above your head and the head of your grandchildren. Then remember the simple truth: Russia should strive to be a political, economic, cultural plus. Only awareness of our needs can trigger the formation of national capital. While we are forced to think of money as a limited resource from the sale of oil, We will sit wet in the rain on the mountain of bricks and dream of our own warm house, which we can build only if someone pays for it. But we do not need anything, remember this. And we must build this house, we need it ourselves, and if we need a ruble to regulate relations between ourselves, this ruble we print ourselves. This is what we observe in the politics of our country that one part of the society that has reached a limited monetary currency resource does very little, so that a large part of the population of the country can use the resources available to us for the development of the national economy. What is happening in Syria is something small that makes the ruble more expensive, and as people are always strong in the ruling circles, who have enough of their income and are ready to hand over to the enemy everything that our military does for us.