Russian helicopters set the heat for the US military to stop the Russian patrol

Russian Mi-35 and Mi-8 helicopters set the heat on the American military, trying to stop the Russian military convoy.

Against the backdrop of the American side escalating the situation in Syria, in relation to the Russian military, the Russian Air Force command was forced to take decisive countermeasures, sending their helicopters to the showdown with the American military - a multi-purpose Mi-8, armed with ATGMs and an attack Mi-35, which has a more formidable weapons.

As can be seen in the photographs taken by the Agence France-Presse (AFP) journalist, Russian military helicopters circled at low altitude above the American checkpoint, apparently intending to demonstrate decisiveness if the United States continues to try block the movement of Russian military columns across Syria.

A number of sources report that the appearance of Russian military helicopters brought some confusion to the actions of the US military, however, any incidents were avoided. Judging by the location on the ground, Russian military helicopters were sent to the eastern part of Syria, however, no information was provided by representatives of the Russian defense department on this subject.

It should be noted that over the past day no interceptions of Russian military equipment by the US military were reported, in connection with which, experts believe that Russian helicopters carried out air patrols in order to establish all US military checkpoints, which will allow developing countermeasures.

Well, the possibility of a checkpoint in the Syrian area and an aircraft carrier in terms of detecting something in the air is something about nothing ... the turntables will carry out temporary shelters at once ... And as for the “dagger,” even one hit will be enough to temporarily stop flights, well, at least, but in real life it costs a lot ...

the Turks brought down the dryer, what's next, the tomatoes became cheaper.

Are you there? Directly on a sofa-plane flew there?


And where is the heat. The Americans did not let us in and ours shamefully retreated back.

To set the heat is when everyone runs up ahead and everything burns behind.

Well, of course. At home, on the couch, not just wings, you can even wave your legs with fists. Aw, how terrible and conquering of all came.

Yes x --- you guessed it. In the best case, they (the Americans) will protest and wave their wings menacingly ... For more there will be neither strength nor determination.

And we did poverty there.

Once these games end in corpses

You think of a checkpoint !!! Trump general (with a group of persons) failed and no casus.

What is the heat then?))))

If they fire at the counter, then the su-34 will fly to them and cover the illegal post block with a copper basin entot.

Yes, the presence of a modern ATGM complex destroys a tank in seconds, the presence of a machine gun destroys a line of 50 fighters in seconds. In theory. =))

helicopters also have very good protection against all portable vehicles. Syria is one big desert and it is very difficult to hide with a portable complex + they work at least in pairs. one Mi-35 processes about 5 hectares within 4 minutes.

They will shoot down if they use weapons.
They will recall the defeat under Der ez Zorro.

Vanya and air defense and roadblocks do not have to destroy much time, just what all these destruction will result in is the question

That's right. our fellows

Well, let them try to bring down ...

If the helicopters had the task of demolishing the block post, no one would even have time to recall the presence of portable air defense systems. Helicopters would approach at a minimum height and smash the block of the post even before the post realized where they were firing at. So they would die in ignorance.

following your "thoughtful" logic, you can destroy an aircraft carrier with a dagger

To shoot down a helicopter or to fire at a convoy is a 100% conflict or Belli incident.

The check on the lice of the Americans was a success and they didn’t jerk so they were warned if all of their points were covered with missiles. According to the latest data, the American military commanders in combat positions near Donbass are unhappy with their military from the coalition block and the bandits from the so-called APU subordinate to them, since they do not they carry out commands not to shoot at civilians in the Donbass and at the police, but renegades from the Armed Forces of Ukraine felts under alcohol or drugs continue to shoot anywhere, constantly provoking shelling. America's leadership is shocked about Bandera and the APU they have one review, geeks and renegades!

The first to pull the trigger will be the first victim ...

Who checked, tourist? Could you?

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Brave? Try to destroy!

It was smooth on paper. In life, you need to take the MANPADS in your hands and try to aim, knowing that there will be an adequate answer and how the load is 200.

swirling over a block post is it called give heat? learn from Iran how to give heat

Have you checked, Anika the warrior? On the couch?

in the presence of modern portable air defense systems helicopters is a great target that is destroyed in seconds!

The provocation to the opening of the monument failed!) Is that right?) Putin is all the same handsome, and our warriors normally showed composure in the execution of orders, I’m sure that many wanted to kick ass on the ground)

What is most surprising is that the Russian command is in constant and close relationship with the US military, who are not in the law there? From another news in the Donbass, a Russian general made a scandal after inspecting the militias: “I have Ukrainian colleagues among whom I served with under the USSR. So they complain that you provoke them with fire, and do not let the APU live in peace in their positions? ” Something incomprehensible is happening with the leadership of our Army ...

Amerov’s troops in Syria are among the illegal armed groups.

this is in order to then gouge these block posts - and the best thing is to hammer them once for this greyhound and in a moment the amers will make their legs - checked more than once


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