VKS Russia


Russian VCS is preparing to bomb the surroundings of Damascus

Russian VCS are preparing to inflict decisive blows on militants and terrorists.

Today in the afternoon the resource Avia.pro turned out to be the information that the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation are preparing to inflict new powerful strikes on the positions of local militants and terrorists of the Islamic State group (a terrorist group whose activities are officially banned in the Russian Federation - Ed.). This is evidenced by the fact that due to the fact that the southern suburb of Damascus, still controlled by the terrorists of the "Islamic state", does not allow advancement in other areas, there is a potential danger of missile attacks on Damascus itself, as it happened on 9 May.

Experts believe that already this week, the Russian Aerospace Forces, together with the Syrian Air Force, will launch powerful air strikes on the Yarmuk camp, which is still controlled by terrorists from the Islamic State group. In fact, we are talking about a territory of two square kilometers, in connection with which, it is logical to assume that the density of air strikes will be very large.