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Russian VKS will sink American "Donald Cook" before it comes to the Russian borders

The appearance of the American destroyer Donald Cook in the Black Sea will not affect the security of the Crimea.

Despite the fact that on Saturday night the US military destroyer Donald Cook crossed the Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea, which was quite a surprise, experts stressed that the American military vessel does not constitute the slightest threat, neither for the Crimea, nor more for mainland Russia.

“This is just another provocation from the United States. As long as the American ship demonstrates its “determination and power” in neutral waters, the interests of the United States and Russia will not cross. However, it costs the crew of the destroyer to head for the Russian shores, as many unpleasant surprises would expect, ranging from fighter and bomber flights, and we all remember how the Donald Cook crew loves the Su-24 Russian bombers and the pursuit of the Black Sea Fleet , and ending with warning volleys of the Russian coastal missile systems "Ball", the radius of destruction of which allows to bury most of the Black Sea. In fact, the Eenean will sink even before he approaches the Russian borders. ”, - said the analyst

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry has already noted that the Black Sea Fleet has begun to track the movement of the American destroyer, while the goals of its appearance in the Black Sea remain unknown.

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