Bombardment of Syria


Russian ICS per hour destroyed more militants than the Syrian military in a week

Russian VKS again surprised the whole world with its power.

Today it became known during the day that Russian VCS took part in a large-scale offensive operation in the south-west of Syria, having carried out bombardment of positions of insurgents in provinces Darya and Сувейда. As follows from the data presented in the Syrian media, in just one hour, Russian fighters and bombers struck at least seven dozen strikes against the positions of Syrian militants, thereby achieving greater effectiveness than the Syrian government troops in the week since the beginning of the operation in the south-west of the Arab republic.

At the moment, it is known that Russian military aviation strikes on the city of Karak-al-Sharki, the settlements of Al-Museyk, Al-Laya and Busra al-Harir, while it is reported that massive air strikes led to large-scale losses among militants and to the almost total destruction of their positions, which allows the Syrian government forces to actively advance in the liberation of these territories.


How many Russian planes are participating in the offensive operation in the south-west of Syria is still unknown, but in unofficial sources it is reported that Russia will use up to 10 combat aircraft, while the operation in the border areas with Jordan and Israel may stretch for a few weeks, although for the current week the Syrian government troops have made quite serious progress in the liberation of these territories.

Earlier it was reported that Russian VCS began to massively leave the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, in particular, for the last 7 days, From the base "Khmeimim" 11 Russian planes and helicopters were withdrawn.


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