US Air Force


Russian military nearly hit by US Air Force

The US Air Force created a serious precedent next to the positions of the Russian and Iranian military.

On the eve of the day there were reports that American fighters and bombers struck a powerful blow to the territory controlled by terrorists "Islamic State" (ISIS, a terrorist group officially banned in Russia - ed.) In eastern Syria. As a result of the airstrike, at least four local residents were killed, while, as it became known from Twitter sources, the strike of the American military was struck alongside the positions of the Russian and Iranian military.

Previously it was reported that heavy Russian military equipment and military personnel of the Armed Forces of Iran, came close to the Syrian city of Abu Kamal. The main purpose of the presence here of the Russian and Iranian military is to prevent a breakthrough by the terrorists "ISIL" on the territory controlled by the Syrian troops .. However, the US military, knowing the location of the Russian and Iranian soldiers, launched an air strike on a settlement located only 3 kilometers from the positions of Russia and Iraq.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the Russian military command was warned about the planned operation, but at the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that The US Air Force used phosphorus ammunition in its air strikes.

Kidding me? No action will be taken. Besides deep regrets ..

The Americans worked perfectly, that is, aptly, another question is whether our people were ready to shoot them down and this is the most important thing.

That's for sure, we have nothing to lose, because there is nothing, because the west does not crawl, but rather comes on, with the missile alliance in Turkey placed, so they put us on the cube, and now we have "trishkin kaftan". bet, it is more then unsteady.

Russia has a winning position in terms of geography (our ally of the tsunami in the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean) and the GDP - 2% against 50%, where losses in the west will be an order of magnitude higher, and Russia has nothing to lose and the West if it is friendly with the head, will sooner or later "crawl away", otherwise a complete "zeroing"

General we need artillery and cavalry, not far from the village saw the Indian. Here they live for 200 years, live in constant fear, because they always take someone else's home and live in anticipation of retribution.