Russian military evacuated a captured Ukrainian Leopard tank


Russian military evacuated a captured Ukrainian Leopard tank

The Russian military carried out a successful operation to evacuate the Leopard tank captured on the battlefield near Avdeevka. The Soloviev Live Telegram channel reported about the capture of the tank, showing video footage of its transportation. According to video materials, to move the heavy combat vehicle it was necessary to use a tracked trawl, which even had to be undermined due to difficulties in moving the tank.

The evacuation of the Leopard became possible thanks to the skillful actions of Russian sappers and evacuation teams, who were able to not only safely deliver the vehicle to the rear zones, but also prepared it for shipment to one of the Russian defense enterprises. There, the tank will undergo extensive study to analyze the technology and tactical characteristics used by NATO.

In the Avdeevsky direction, Russian troops daily record losses of enemy equipment. As noted, in a short period of time, six American Abrams tanks, previously considered virtually invulnerable, were destroyed. In addition, the total number of NATO armored vehicles lost to Ukrainian forces represents a significant proportion of the total number of units delivered to the region.


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