Russian military in Syria


The Russian military has deployed a huge base next to US positions in Syria

Russia deployed a huge military base on the outskirts of Raqqa.

A few hours ago, the Rojava Network reported that Russian troops had deployed a new military base in the eastern part of Raqqa. The latter is located next to the positions of the American military, and, as expected, it will block the movement of any American military convoys to the western part of the Arab Republic.

"Russian troops created a military base in the eastern countryside of Raqqi"- reports "Rojava Network".

In fact, this means that Russia blocked the access of American troops to the western part of the Arab Republic, since similar military bases and strong observation posts are also available in northern and central Syria. Moreover, given the deployment of a large military base of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, experts believe that the Russian military will be able to provide control of movement around the Euphrates, which is an important factor in curbing oil smuggling.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the information that has appeared, however, a number of sources report that Russian short-range air defense systems are also deployed here, in particular, they are the Pantsir-S and Tor-M air defense systems, which may stop any US attacks from the eastern part of the Arab Republic.

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