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The Russian military knocked out American troops from the M4 highway

US troops knocked off the M4 in northern Syria.

Repeatedly repeated incidents involving the interception of Russian military columns by American forces on the M4 highway are now a thing of the past. Russia's harsh reaction to the actions of the US military forced the latter to urgently turn off their roadblocks and get off the international highway, as evidenced by the unhindered passage of a large Russian military convoy.

“Syrian observatory activists reported seeing a Russian convoy of nearly 30 military vehicles (personal vehicles, Zil vehicles and armored vehicles) heading from Al-Kamyshli to the Abu Rasin area, passing by Al-Darbassia”, the Syrian Center for Monitoring Human Rights reports.

A few days ago, American troops were on the M4 highway, intercepting Russian military patrols and deploying them in the opposite direction, however, after Russia demonstrated its readiness to use force in this region, the American military was returned to its base in eastern Syria.

“American forces certainly have significant power in the Middle East, however, in Washington, they realize that trying to crush this force against Russia in a region where Russia has long-range air defense systems and several dozen fighter jets is completely useless, which ultimately led to that the Americans were simply knocked out of the M4 highway ”, - the expert marks.

Yes, they struck Syria and did not scare. we’ll shoot down, drown, and Putin only appeared on the screen after 3 days and mumbled something about the aggression of a sovereign state. even when trump said Russia get ready to shoot down, everyone shut up. everyone saw who is ready for decisive action, and who is a coward and balabol

Mirror it is necessary to answer the Americans. They’re cowardly, that’s proven. The question is whether we need it. This is necessary for the oligarchy, but I do not want to fight for their Wishlist.

And you go to Hollywood and look there. What are you asking us?

you yourself cartoon

And what do you want them to shoot at each other?

A cartoon about it will be?

This is a completely different matter! I already wrote that American troops in Syria are illegal armed groups.

The fight was hard. The soldiers of 10 days of “fighting” shifted from one foot to the other and the general staff strained the brain. Kick. It’s good that there is no loss. No one fainted.
And no one knew that it was a test for "lice" and ours did not pass it. Everyone understood that Russians could be taken in fright. The Russians got used to "negotiate."

The time has come for the USA to put in place. Let them command themselves. Syria state and oil belongs to Syria. Lord, stand up for Syria and the Russian military in Syria. May the United States be ashamed and shamed from head to toe. And their military equipment will go to the bottom of the seas and oceans. Amen.


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