Rocket debris


Russian military seized the latest Israeli rocket "Rampage"

Israeli air strikes against Syria revealed all the secrets of the newest supersonic rocket.

Day before it became known that Israel used for strikes on Syria its latest supersonic aeroballistic missiles "Rampage". Despite the fact. that such missiles were used for the first time, the Russian military was able to acquire valuable information, as evidenced by the detected fragments of Rampage missiles.

It should be clarified that after intercepting the Israeli supersonic “Rampage” rocket, it was actually destroyed, with a number of electronic components of the rocket allowing them to be carefully studied, which in turn can make it possible to use electronic countermeasures and combat against such missiles.

Israeli media reported that the success of the last Israeli strike against the SAR was due to the use of aeroballistic supersonic missiles, which complicated the interception process, however, despite such statements, Syria noted that only Syrian air defense systems intercepted at least six missiles which indicates the fact that the latest “Rampage” did not give any significant advantage to the Israeli military.

Not much that Russian Jews in Israel trust except a mop and toilet brush. most of the knowledge is supplied by Jews working now in Europe and the States, while electronics and programmers from the local community will be stronger than Russians and others.

Unfortunately, this is a bunch of scrap that does not represent much interest. Modern electronics is not of any interest, since when it is disconnected from the power supply, it “forgets” everything. So this is not a success. You must steal the whole and included in the combat position or steal a flash drive. Well, the truth can be calculated something.,

Russians themselves trade their secrets well. In 90, everything was sold and everything was sold. Before the Jews, from 80, they were heavily scrubbed from secrets. So if a Jew took out a secret from Russia, then he sold the Russian secret to him.

True, only then will Israel settle down.

Most likely these are Soviet Jews in Israel successfully continuing the traditions of the Soviet defense complex. But, oddly enough, Jews do not modify something, because some of the missiles do not explode. This makes it possible for our specialists, including our Russian Jewish specialists, to study the electronic filling of these “super-duper rockets” and refine our rocket technology, along with all high-grade Russian citizens. And I did not hear something, that our missiles in Syria for almost 4, their use there did not explode, and their secrets would fall to the Americans. This means that our equipment will be more reliable. And while ours do not shoot the latest C-400 complexes at Israeli sparrows - Israel does not climb our base. But if it will climb, if you are a fool, it will not seem a little - it is terrible to think about the consequences. Yes, the East is a delicate matter, guys!

Jews got their knowledge on the Russian land !!! And this knowledge they sell in Israel and the United States.


Do you think Russian Jews are idiots :)? What should they do in your Israel? I remember Mikhail Kozakov left for Israel, and then he cried that one district of Moscow was better, more, and richer than all of Israel:) ...

Hey Jews in Russia are you still in Russia?
Who what is on your mind hold for Israel. The fact that the Kremlin incites the Jews is its land, but how many Jews have given their knowledge to Russia this is a shame.

Immigrants from the USSR taken out

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MGTP began to be used in the middle of the last century, and not the fact that this is our development. stripped, as usual, from the Yankees, when b52 copied. PTFE also Yankees did.

Well, all ... Khan Israel ... took possession

So is our fee. I see on it still the old transistor MP21. So what, all Israeli, is this forgotten old Soviet?

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This means the end of the sub-freebie freeze, the Syrians probably are not waiting for retaliatory strikes with great potential to destroy the invader army of killers.

It is necessary to intercept not the missiles, but their carriers and bomb the airfields of Israel.

That is, although destroyed, will help ours? Painted in a similar color? And despite the fact that everyone was shot down, the rest were destroyed. And our envy them, because ours do not fly at all.

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And what, MGTF wire for "friends" of explosives delivers?