Russian troops have liberated Semenovka and are close to taking Berdychi

During the intensive fighting in the Avdeevsky direction, Russian troops achieved significant successes. The source reports the advance of the Russian Armed Forces in Semenovka to a distance of at least 700 meters during the second half of yesterday. According to him, active fighting took place in the center of the village, and by evening it became known that Semenovka had been liberated by the Russian army.

Boris Rozhin claims that at the moment an assault is underway on the last opornik in Berdychi, where the situation is close to the complete control of Russian forces. The offensive continues on the eastern outskirts of Ocheretino and in the southeastern part of Novokalinovo, where Russian troops have occupied an important stronghold. The liberation of the village seems possible in the coming days.

As a consequence of the successful operations in Berdychi, it is assumed that after complete control of this settlement, the Russian army will be able to quickly advance on Ocheretino from the south and reach the rear of the Ukrainian troops stationed in Umanskoye.

In the Karlovsky sector, hostilities also do not stop. After the liberation of Pervomaisky, the battle continues in the Netailovo area. The Russian army, with the support of aviation and artillery, is actively trying to break through the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ defense line between Umansky and Netailovo.

The successes of the Russian Armed Forces near Novobakhmutovka were also confirmed by Ukrainian military observers.


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