Complex C-300


Russian S-300 air defense systems in Syria are on full alert

Russian C-300 systems are on full alert.

As follows from the information provided by the military-diplomatic source of the TASS news agency, the Russian military brought the C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems into full alert. According to experts, Russia is preparing to repel air strikes against Syria and destroy enemy aircraft.

“Technical specialists of Russian defense enterprises, who arrived in Syria in early October, following the C-300PM / PM-2 SAM systems, which are a kind of“ hybrid ”that includes elements of both complexes, completed their conversion to the C-300PMU-2 export version and returned home the other day ", - the source "TASS".

We are talking specifically about the Russian divisions of the S-300 “Favorit” air defense system, the main purpose of which is to ensure the protection of Russian military facilities in the territory of the Arab Republic. In the near future, it is also planned to prepare Syrian military equipment, which TASS also reports.

"It remains to complete training on the technique of the Syrian military", the source said.

It should be clarified that earlier the Israeli side has repeatedly stated that since the delivery of the Russian C-300 “Favorit” air defense missile system to Syria, air strikes have been launched on this country, but analysts believe that this is more about propaganda, since official evidence and evidence this is not.

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