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Russian soldiers are on trial for the kidnapping and murder of a girl

How it became is known “Kommersant”, a criminal trial has begun in a military court against the airborne platoon commander, senior lieutenant Aidyn Zhamidulov, and his subordinate, private Alexei Dorozhkin. According to the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR), the military kidnapped a girl who threatened an officer with revealing their relationship to his wife, and took her to the temporary deployment point of the unit, presenting her as a Ukrainian intelligence officer. There the victim was stabbed to death and her body was blown up in an attempt to hide traces of the crime.

Senior Lieutenant Aydin Zhamidulov became famous for his patriotic poems, which he wrote and performed during preparation for hostilities. These speeches were often shown on Telegram channels, making him a popular figure among military personnel and civilians.

The incident involving Zhamidulov and Dorozhkin caused a wide resonance and became the subject of attention of both military and civilian authorities. The charges of murder and concealment of the body were a serious blow to the reputation of Zhamidulov, who until that moment had been perceived as an exemplary officer and patriot.


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