Syria Military Patrol


The Russian military in Syria again wrapped up, but this time everything is serious

The Russian military was deployed again in Syria.

The absence of any opposition on the part of the Russian military command in relation to the American troops blocking the movement of Russian military patrols across Syrian territory led to the fact that Russian equipment was again blocked by American troops in the north-eastern part of the Arab Republic. This time the incident turned out to be more tense, because, according to sources, between the Russian and American military there was a kind of incomprehensible dispute over the presence of civilians here.

According to information at the disposal of the information resource, the Russian military patrol was blocked in the area of ​​the settlement of Tel Tamir (Hasaka province). In the photo you can see how one of the US Army armored personnel carriers blocked the way to the Russian military convoy. Moreover, witnesses report a certain dispute that erupted between the Russian and American military, although at the moment it was not possible to confirm these data, except for a photograph in which you can see how the military is actively discussing something,

It is noteworthy that the Russian military convoy was blocked while trying to get to its own military base near the city of El-Kamyshli, which indicates attempts to specifically interfere with the Russian troops.

It should be clarified that earlier US officials denied the Kurdish media reports of a shootout between the Russian and American military, saying that they did not know anything about such cases.

Well, what is this photo talking about? Nothing about. There is no sound and movement. Photographs are essentially silent. Just dudes stand, in the Caribbean style, bazaars. What the hell are you guessing the situation and pouring it into the ears of the people? And then they spread the lies. There is evidence - present. No - don’t ... go.

Yes, Vladimir, you are right. Very incomprehensible behavior on the part of your Commander-in-Chief. I think he should not play hockey anymore ...

what are you talking about ?! and Saudi Arabia or the UAE is not an oil appendage? 2. The Russian Federation is rapidly developing and occupying its positions in the 90s. keep it up! everything goes according to plan

Another international expert drew. all sawing and sawing, sawing and sawing, can’t get cut in any way

The ukronatsiks and liberalists came running and let us imagine what we wanted ... the powerlessness and insignificance of these creatures can only cause anger and envy ... we wish them to drown in this stinking slurry. And our Army does not need proof of its power.

But didn’t you try to remove these “rulers” from the road by the forces of the Syrian army under the guise of our troops? Syrians no matter how they have every right to push these cars off the road, and if not, what are we doing there?

Is the city of El Kamyshli somewhere in the Kamyshevatsky region?

It seems that your opinion is confirmed. After all, what prevents giving a couple of tanks to the Russian patrol so that the tanks defiantly act as an armored tractor and push the "brave American soldiers" to the sidelines, but if they try to open fire in response, then simply destroy them with obligatory video recording. And if this does not happen, then I agree with you, since in no case can the Russian patrol be blamed here - they, like military men, carry out the order (and what instructions they received - after all, no one speaks because the simplest thing would be for our Armed Forces - if there was an order to go the route at all costs, then they would dare everything in their path - either by themselves or they would call the VKS to help (as the Americans like to do) ...

Hello everyone, less emotion, more reason :). It is strange that so many people were led to an unverified provocation (article). I wish all lovers of fights and wars not to get a "two hundredth" relative in this life.

Russia, the oligarchs, technical lag, and here a set of phrases that do not make sense among themselves and a clear follow-up of the desire to pour a jackpot of dirt on the modern victories of Russia, where Syria is one of them.

And you are not the only one to think so ..................


The fact of the matter is that these armatures on the fingers are easily considered. They are Putin's window dressing, for covering up the eyes of Russians. For the privatizers have much more profit from Russian natural resources than Russia's spending on the military-industrial complex. Putin safeguards their profits in every way possible - he protects us from all this window dressing with piece quantities of the latest weapons, just for that ... so that we think that everything is hurt and that our tanks are fast. These valves total 10 pieces and SU57, a total of 11 pieces. And it’s planned horseradish and not horseradish! As if we did not have great and huge Russia, but the island of Jamaica, or the maximum of Cuba. And we are "Urya-I-I ... Putin armed the army as it should"

how nice to listen to this pack of rootless (without homeland) dogs

I am ashamed of Russia. We are officially there, but no one asked for Americans. And they tell us !? Yes, just a shame in front of the whole world. Putin pisses, fears for loot, which is in the west. More, for me, there is no explanation. I was a simple sergeant in the Army (SA), and if someone blocked my path, I would be so sorry (I served in the GSVG). And now I am ashamed of ours. Commanders are afraid of some provocations. It’s funny why the Americans do it, and are not afraid ?! And our ....

Uncle Pasha, are you a fool? (FROM)

The oligarchs, the West and Putin, it is beneficial. Having made Russia unemployed and completely production dependent and technologically backward, they can now afford extermination. After all, the so-called new, glorious, Putin’s weapons exist only in piece-ostentatious, for parades only in quantity. And the rest, which is many so far, is hopelessly outdated. That’s why the Pindos’s impudent ... because to the teeth everyone is armed only with the most modern weapons. Although the patrol is the same as the limited contingent in Syria, adequately armed (in contrast to our main military mass). Could and how to knock on the horns. but only in return fire. For this, military cunning and military determination are also needed. From the Pindosawa trap, make it the same trap (shoot everything ... who first started) and use the "" "to thrash so that it is no longer habitual.

So it is. Putin and the West are playing some sort of confrontation. And under this reliable disguise, Putin and the oligarchs are gradually but steadily crushing Russia, forcing Her to die out and technically lag behind. In addition, Russia is now very dependent - looped into the global global economy, in the role of a raw materials appendage. We are now forever behind and completely dependent.

And it was weak to get out of the road? The Americans would not open fire, they would be afraid.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief thinks that the Americans can be dealt with like their own people. Heroes of Russia have been bred, but there is no one to defend Russia's interests.



The Russians were in diapers. They can endure for a long time.

a soldier doesn’t start wars; he finishes them; officers no licking ones

And more than once already. The Supreme Person 3 times announced the withdrawal.
Apparently Shoigu is playing pranks. The Supreme brings out during the day, and he again enters at night ...

This is called the original Russian victory! Well, if the “winners” can be blocked, then you don’t have to stick out, but if you are a PATROL, then you need to behave like a patrol, with the possibility of arrest. Do not be like clowns - funny and bitter.

Did someone tell you this? ... As ours were in Syria, they are still there.

It is not clear, but what was not enough to go around the pendos mind?

This is a provocation! The US flag is ALWAYS set on the US military equipment when they are on "alien" territory! It is likely that they specially escalate the situation in Syria so that an "armed clash" of partners occurs (?!). For yourself, decide for yourself.

The Russian armored personnel carrier had to remove the flag, otherwise it turns out ugly in front of the locals. And in general, after the assassination of the Iranian commander in Iraq, all generals fear this and hid - they left the Russian soldier face to face with the amers ... The situation is ambivalent - if you answer you will be guilty, but you will not answer - the amers wipe their feet .., at least the external impression such

Well, yes, of course they brought it))))

The Russian armored personnel carrier had to remove the flag, otherwise it turns out ugly in front of the locals. And in general, after the assassination of the Iranian commander in Iraq, all generals fear this and hid - they left the Russian soldier face to face with the amers ... The situation is ambivalent - if you answer you will be guilty, but you will not answer - the amers wipe their feet .., at least the external impression such

According to history, Russians always back off first, and then an ass comes to someone.

you're right, they’ll hand over everything and milestones

Shaw you grind, weaved families and finances and palaces, can you specify whose families and where and what finances)) at our specialists in a foreign country, you’re blasting shaw in bad language

On the contrary! The author of the article booby! APCs blocked the passage of American equipment

and how did you identify that turkish? Pictured Oshkosh M-ATV American Army

What are Turkish dicks? Oshkoshi as it is.

one can say only one thank you to Putin! well, at least he doesn’t send the boys to die to guard the extraction of the Americans! Stalin made it easier for 27 million Russians and Germany and Japan and all of Europe under the Americans.

the fact of the matter is that it is impossible to give Pindos on a large scale.

Take it and "GIVE"! So far, only they give us a snot.


What difference does it make to him! The main thing is to fart louder.

Yes, it's some kind of shame (Schonder Dog Heart)

Invite Armata and shy about Amers as they did when the Russian column was moving ... and there is nothing their fighter. Specialists were found

Do you know for sure that our heads of special services have children and property in the west?

With such success, our special services, whose leaders and families and finance and real estate are kept abroad, all of Syria will belong to the United States. And hence all the resources !!!

give Pindos once good- no longer climb

The author in the photograph is Turkish armored vehicles.

What are the Russian troops in Syria - we have long since withdrawn all.


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