Iskander rocket launch


Russian Iskander in Cuba said no

Russia will not deploy its Iskander complexes in Cuba.

Despite the fact that earlier there appeared information that in response to Washington’s intentions to withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles, Russia can deploy its Iskander tactical systems in Cuba and in Latin America, it became known that such measures, in fact, the Russian "Iskander" will not be placed at the borders of the United States.

A spokesman for the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said that Russia is not considering the possibility of deploying its tactical and strategic weapons in Latin America.

"We do not belong to this idea", - said Dmitry Peskov.

Experts, in turn, drew attention to the fact that with the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, the national interests of Russia would be dealt a serious blow, moreover, in the middle of the last century, when the USSR placed its missiles on Cuba, the USA practically managed to take it in vice. Since, in the event of a real threat, a blow to the territory of the United States of America could have been delivered in just a few minutes, however, this provoked a serious situation, as a result of which the USSR and the USA were on the verge of a large-scale war.

We were not on the verge of a large-scale war — but on the verge of one-sided destruction of us without war — with one blow, but thanks to the cube we were on the verge of a large-scale war for our lives. And thanks to this face we avoided war. AND NOW, WE MUST ALSO NEED. why does sands deny such measures ???

REASON - WHY DON'T CONSIDER? want everyone to be cranked?

And who will give us an extra with descendants ?? TO FLY TO CUBA? This is what we see as the US takes weapons by sea slowly but surely and they are not fools to allow it to us. We are fools. Putin are you even what ?? (here, by the way, the reason is not explained, then the only explanation is a complete betrayal of the Russian authorities)

Golden words!

Will post, of course. Only now this is not worth talking about. Everything has its time.

And China is not a world power

And what are you such a connoisseur of history, you know everything you foresee everything?

Fully support your opinion. The only serious point, not couch snot

Are you an expert, how do you know Putin’s accounts where they are hidden, or are you his accountants?

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I agree. Lead some mediocrity.

I agree ... Soul hurts!

in Cuba did not put the rocket, yes. But our boats are not far from Nato. And those who dream of world domination are unlikely to survive!

against world power sanctions are not imposed

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How much money has been poured into Cuba, recently they have written off 20mlr dollars, where, thanks, ??? Cubans scored on Russia for mediocre policies and betrayal. The sons of the Moscow elite who seized the positions of politicians are not good for anything, only women to fight, and even that is doubtful - even the debts cannot claim Headless and mediocre entities - only to steal. Who will clearly explain to me why such huge money forgives dubious allies ??? Why is this happening ??? Well, I do not believe the excuses that there is nothing to take for debt - but when they gave what they expected ???

They have more bases than we have rockets, for now. However, the closest will get to the fullest, if not doubt, and in the first place. But seriously, we will reach the “island”. Do not sit out.

And where are these professionals? Wherever you throw, everywhere only bluff and complete incompetence, because they appoint only personally loyal people to very high and warm places, up to massage therapists and furniture sellers ... (((

Survived! Even Cuba refused us, no one seriously thinks that Russia itself refused the only effective measure to stop the United States and 1963. it proved that the USA was only afraid of it and is afraid of like fire ... The rest is nonsense for them, only Europe and Russia will suffer, and they will lend them for restoration (((
But if it was our government that refused then a penny to it, if in economics zero, and yes even militarily zero (everyone can show movies and tell fairy tales), it is not chatter, but actions that are estimated. "Man said - man did!"

How I dream about when Russia will erase this stinky American continent from the face of the planet !!! And damn Ukraine Bendery !!! Give me a nuclear suitcase. Ready to burn in hell for our country !!!!!!!

Exactly. Here is always the title one. Theme is different. So probably funnier!?

Straight to the point hit.

Stop watching Kisele Nightingale TV.

Is it really not clear that as long as the "crazy" plundered by the powers that be and those with them, the money will be in the financial and other organizations of the United States, Russia is not able to counter anything to this overseas aggressor. All Russian media talks are meant for "fooling" the people. At the moment, the country is ruled by Uncle Sam.

you'll be there on duty

Well, thank God. The Cubans have survived so much, and if they get something, striped ones from under the water will get right on the pumpkin.)

It was necessary to write directly, namely. Our ISKANDERS will not be placed on the island of FREEDOM, due to the fact that Cuba sent the Kremlin to the dick with its ISKANDERS!

Firstly, not only the flight time is less for us, but also for them, for these missile bases, the flight time is also less, that is, it is easier and cheaper to destroy them than long-distance ones. Just to be on the alert, and at the first danger to beat first, or simultaneously.

Secondly, it is an excellent reason to engage in high science and create a means of another principle of action, which does not automatically allow their missiles into our territory. And already touched.

Placing on land near the USA rockets (which are all equally there dynamically and secretly) is to give lines a pretext for pumping cries from the west, as well as large expenditure of funds taken from the national economy. Moreover, scientists already, that any country can betray, like Bulgaria and others, if the enemy promises them money and all the best for betrayal, organizes a color revolution there with his government.

Not Iskander? Then the Vanguards and Daggers, plus the base of the Navy, VKS and EW-REP.

Leave the policy to the professionals, and you divan the couch soft seats with sofas and start working.

In the Gulf of Mexico submarines on a permanent combat.

latinos need from Russia grandmothers and debt relief, and with this base they sent the medvoids to forge

Russia has been and will be. But Pindos laid siege. We went under the Ukrainians. Poroshenko told Trump to postpone the meeting on 20, he caved and postponed. Here is the tact. Ukrainians against the North Stream and Europe, too, bends. And we say America taxis, they are in the ass, and Ukrainians get to the top.


One would like to ask the author of the article: “But someone said no to the Russian Iskanders. It is a pity that the author did not sign the article. But the heading has forgotten to either sit down or stand up.
Or maybe just no one was going to place Iskander in Cuba? BUT?

It is logical that many “high-office owners” have real estate-capital-families there, so they will not do anything against themselves.

Putin was simply threatened to freeze his accounts, that's all, that's why he is not trying to play games with the Americans.

And if the United States will place its missiles in Europe? What then shall we do? Preoccupation Or with a clever view to prove that this is bad? Here are fools, I swear - Cuba is happy to give 500 million dollars a gift in exchange for placing Russian complexes here ...

Well and idiots! They'd waste a couple of tens of millions, and Trump would have screamed as pretty. There's nothing to fly from Cuba, and so we will only go to heaven ...

That Russia you are no longer writing about

who said no? the author of d ** il stop drinking the baltic 9, there is absolutely no brain left!