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Russian designers failed to surpass the Soviet ICBM "Satan" - "Sarmat" in comparison with it is just a toy

The Sarmat complex developed by Russian specialists was worse than the Soviet Satan missile.

Despite the fact that the Russian heavy Sarmat ICBM is called the Satan-2 missile, the latest domestic development turned out to be very far from the Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile. This is due to the technical capabilities of the Soviet nuclear ICBM, and the psychological impact factor.

According to experts, the estimated power of the warheads with which the heavy Sarmat ICBM is armed is about 7,5-10 megatons, which is approximately equal to 470 nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Nevertheless, the Soviet R-36M Satan ICBM had a nuclear charge of 20 megatons (up to 26 megatons according to other sources), which corresponds to almost 1000 nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima.

Nevertheless, analysts also pay attention to the psychological impact - despite the emergence of information that the Russian Sarmat ICBM will be equipped with combat maneuvering units capable of moving at hypersonic speed, this did not lead to any panic, while Soviet “Satan” was truly afraid of the whole world.

“It is enough to recall the panic that reigned in the world with the advent of the Russian R-36 ICBM to understand how they feared it. With Sarmat, this is not observed, at least for now, and that says a lot. ”, - the expert notes.

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They are already used to being afraid, so they don’t panic

Why does the author of the article persistently call the rocket "Satan" ?? Putting this name on a par with Sarmat. The R-36M missile is called the Voivode, and “Satan” is the nickname assigned to it by the Americans, let's say the name is “flanker” of the Su-27 fighter, but we never called it that in Russia.
And yes, what is this nonsense, to measure the perfection of a rocket solely by its charge power ?? Those. speed, maneuverability, deployment time, the ability to overcome missile defense, technological excellence - is this rubbish not worth attention ?? Well, according to this logic, the Topol-M rocket is an unusable heap of iron, because its power is “only” 1 Mt, because even 10 Mt, according to the author, is a “toy”.

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Such an authoritative expert that even the name was modestly silent .. Following the logic of the article, the 70 megaton Tsar bomb itself was absolutely perfect, and everything that was done after it was nothing more than toys

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Such warheads never existed. There was a project, but it was not implemented ...

I’m wondering! How much do "specialists" pay for such an article? I have not seen a more delusional opinion! How can one judge weapons based on one name?

The number of warheads 10-15, or 3-4 UBB "Vanguard"
Power of one charge From 750 kilotons to 1 megatons (according to various sources) That is, you are so stupid that you can’t even look at the underbelly in the directory. And so you compose stupid nonsense without understanding anything ... The ushlopok sits about 25 years old, smeared off the army and rummages through the Internet, looking for fried. I will close you, I promise you ... pid --- minors


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