Rampage Rocket


Russian "Shells" are threatened with new Israeli missiles

Israel showed a missile capable of destroying the Russian "Pantsiri".

A few days ago, Avia.pro news agency cited data from foreign military analysts who believe that the Pantsir-S Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun systems are not as effective and unique as it is presented in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. This afternoon it became known that the Israeli companies Israel Aerospace Industries and Israel Military Industries have developed a unique supersonic rocket Rampage, capable of destroying the Russian complexes Pantsir-S.

The supersonic air-to-surface missile is capable of destroying ground targets at distances of up to 150 kilometers, while, according to The Drive, the features of this missile are such that they can destroy even the Russian systems Pantsir-S, which at the moment have been actively used in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic to repel attacks by the Western Coalition and Israel.

The new missile should go to the armament of the Israeli Air Force in 2019, while, as the source emphasizes, it can be used by fighters of both the fourth and fifth generations.

It should be clarified that on the eve of the day the resource Avia.pro reported that The "Pantsir-S" complexes were sent to the Syrian-Israeli border in order to intercept Israeli missiles, which are supposed to strike on the territory of Syria.

* ZRPK "Pantsir-S" - Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and cannon system (ZRPK) of land and sea basing.

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