Laser Peresvet


Russian military laser "Peresvet" decided to bury in the ground

The stationary position of the Peresvet Russian military laser hit the satellite images.

Network users were able to detect the stationary position of the Russian combat laser complex Peresvet - according to the presented satellite images, the newest Russian complex was buried in the ground in order to hide its location, at least this fact is indicated by a dug large pit.

So far no official comments have been received on this score, however, analysts do not exclude the possibility that the Russian military complex “Peresvet” may indeed be buried in the ground, but for what purpose, for the time being, remains unknown.

Earlier, a big scandal unfolded around the Russian military laser complex, in particular, Igor Korotchenko, head of the Center for Analysis of the World Trade in Arms, said that The latest Russian development effectively works exclusively against unmanned aerial vehicles of industrial and handicraft production.and this is only the case if the meteorological conditions are close to ideal, which cast doubt on the possibility of the Peresvet complex to hit the means of combat aviation and missiles.