Russian FPV drone tried to shoot down Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter

A video has appeared on the Internet showing two Ukrainian Mi-24 combat helicopters attacking the positions of Russian troops as part of a special military operation. Helicopters performing pitch-up maneuvers used unguided rockets to fire. The event was recorded using an FPV strike drone of the Russian Armed Forces, which videotaped what was happening.

According to available information, after completing the combat mission and firing the missiles, the helicopter crews performed a maneuver to quickly exit the conflict zone. The FPV drone, acting as a kamikaze drone, tried to intercept and hit one of the helicopters, but was unable to achieve the desired result due to a significant difference in speed characteristics.

The Mi-24, which has a maximum flight speed of more than 300 km/h, significantly exceeds the capabilities of an FPV drone, whose maximum speed is about 140-150 km/h. As a result, despite the high speeds and attempts of the drone operator to influence the enemy, it was not possible to intercept the helicopters, however, this solution may prove effective in the future.


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