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Russian frigate kicked out the American aircraft carrier Harry Truman from the port of Oman

The American aircraft carrier Harry Truman hastened to leave the port of Oman because of the Russian frigate.

The planned approach of the Russian frigate Yaroslav the Wise, armed with anti-ship missiles X-35, turned out to be completely unplanned for the crew of the American aircraft carrier Harry Truman, who had to leave the waters of Oman a few days before the arrival of the Russian patrol ship.

"SKR" Yaroslav the Wise "made a planned business call at the port of Salalah. During the stay, the Russian warship will refuel, replenish fresh water and food supplies, and its crew will have the opportunity to relax on the shore. After completion of the call, which will last until January 29, the Baltic Fleet patrol ship will continue its anti-piracy shift. ”, - the official message says.

At the same time, on January 22, 2020, it became known that the American aircraft carrier Harry Truman completely unexpectedly, without any goals, left the port of Dukm, which was located exactly on the route of the Russian warship.

It should be clarified that earlier the Russian patrol ship passed in relative proximity to the location of the American aircraft carrier strike group in the Gulf of Oman.

I don’t understand, the commander of “G. Truman” forgot to warn the Avia.Pro management about leaving the port and his further actions? What is the problem?

Dear, This is not nonsense. On frigates of this type, ammunition with a special charge of 20 kilotons is provided. And believe me, that's enough to let the whole AUG bottom out

Nicholas, maybe you’re right in some ways. But there’s a small but ..... the conversation is not about the entire escort group, but about the aircraft carrier.

Before writing such nonsense, specify the frigate’s armament. What is the carrier group I know served 3 years, the Pacific - 2 campaigns and saw what heroes they are

Well, when are you idiots, will you stop any vomiting for "REALITY" "EXTEND" ??? You at least have a REPRESENTATION - WHERE FRIGATE and WHERE - Aircraft carrier, with your CARABEL escort GROUP ??? Yes, from our “FRIGATE” zilch at the moment will remain if “OH” is closer than the distance determined by the Americans to the “AVIANOSNY” group ..


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