Aircraft IL-76


Russian Il-76 was called a degraded airplane

Russian military equipment was again sharply criticized.

The Chinese military analyst, in an interview with Sina, stated that despite the fact that Russia continues to praise and exploit the Soviet military transport aircraft Il-76, these aircraft are already "... flying junk ".

According to the military specialist, the Soviet military transport aircraft Il-76 are really suitable for the majority of the tasks, regardless of whether we are talking about transporting equipment, cargo or military personnel, however, today these machines do not meet modern requirements , and, in fact, are degraded machines. It is for these reasons that China did not exploit these military aircraft, since we often speak of the need to transport heavy loads and large military equipment.

According to the military analyst, an example of a good Soviet transport aircraft is An-124, capable of taking on board a large amount of cargo, including transportation of large military equipment, which is impossible for the Soviet IL-76.

"Russia continues to invest in these military transport aircraft, which do not have any significant effect. For certain purposes, they are good (DRLO), but only as a means of transporting goods they are ineffective ", - the publication "Sina" informs.

It should be clarified that to date, China's armament consists of only a few Il-76 airplanes, which mainly do not play the role of transport aircraft, but the role of DRL means.

* IL-76 - Soviet / Russian military transport aircraft, developed in the early 70-ies of the last century.

In order to drop a ton of cargo from Moscow to Vladivostok by an IL-76TD aircraft, it is necessary to burn 6 tons of fuel.
To throw a Boeing 767 - only 1,57 tons.

Chinese Sparrow!

Il-76 at times better than Pindos sprawls, Geyropean and especially dill (whose aviation Heroes of Donbass .. ..broken .. completely)! The author of the article is full of ignoramus, his brains are like a sparrow!

I would like to know, but how many own transport vehicles made in cina exist in the world ?! Make at least something of your own, not "licked" from someone else's, and then give out expert assessments.

-diletant is not understanding this expert, 76 one of the best transporters in the world, moreover, can sit down from the ground, but is obsolete, engines and avionics to change and all business, 124 not at every airfield will take off / soar plus the need for such aircraft is very limited

Russia and AN Antonov will produce!

his nothing do not do everything somewhere that they stole and are trying to crap what we have, in a word, shit

These rats forgot that they always armed themselves with our weapons and now they are preparing the copies.

And with what a fright this plane became not Russian intellectual property? Developed in the times of the USSR, Russia is the legal successor of this country. Is not this "Ukrainian" airplane? Bugger ...

This expert is a complete nerd. According to his logic, one must completely abandon small arms. Well, there is artillery, there is more caliber, and range ...))) Transport aviation is necessary not only for the transfer of divisions and tank armadas, but also for performing smaller tasks. So for example we still have An-26, for which too a sufficient amount of tasks is cut. Fool, in general, this is an expert ...)))

All that China tried to tear off, shoots anyhow as well as flies. China is the world's largest importer of military equipment. Bad Russian, do it yourself. It is interesting in what international exhibitions are the Chinese involved with their weapons?

Criticize, criticize, but buy!
Then they take it apart.
Then they take off the patterns.
And then there is the best in the world, the most modern Chinese transporter Zun-Lun 1!

The Chinese are the most experienced and competent aircraft manufacturers in the world!

The logic of the Chinese is flawed - if in one Mercedes can not transport eight divisions of the Chinese, then the Mercedes degraded.

China's technique is trying to vtyuhat on this all our bad has become

This is nothing more than the opinion of an outsider - OPINION, it has its own

and it's the Chinese analyst ... the rice pot and the cockroach ... China itself does not release anything ... clones and copies. constructor

The possibilities for modernizing this handsome man are far from exhausted, I think 50 will still pull it for years.

I work at the aircraft repair plant repair il76 which in China do not fly and see how much of this stuff they have purchased over the past few years

Chinese military thought has come to a standstill, to steal not what they want to provoke the Russian Federation to create a new transport airplane in order to chevrove.))))

Koltchengie, apparently, can not cut the Il-76 in any way - all the steam locomotive turns out, that's why they are ranting ... Or maybe it's the other way around - they have already fired and are preparing to sell their next Great Hare)), no different from il-76 , except for the wood rod ...

I think this scoop will outlive you, by the way, it is younger than the Hercules. It is no longer a silt-76 but an ill-476 wonderful modern bird.

Roma An-70 is made piece by piece of the remnants of the Soviet aircraft industry, the prospects for further production in Ukraine is zero. In Russia, our intellectual property can not be excluded. Neither Europe nor the United States will allow the revival of the Ukrainian aviation industry, they do not bring Ukrainians to create competitors. Too stupid this is incomprehensible .

It is very strange in this Chinese remark that China has NO ANY aircraft like AN - 124 to say such things.

The overall dimensions of the aircraft fully correspond to our technique. An-124 and IL-76 perform tasks complementing each other.
And the Chinese have such a hamster manner of PR.

An-70: load capacity 47, IL-76 - 50-60, depending on the modification. And how many, the attentive reader will ask, is it built unique and remarkable, in the necessary airplanes An-70? 2 (two!) Test pattern exactly. And here on this here soap it is necessary to change the fulfilled and reliable awl? They sank into the sunset.

And how can technology degrade? Is it worse to gather?

The Chinese are flying to TU16 - and this is an ancient plane ......

50 he has not. This is 747-mu 50

There is always something that does not fit. But if you get 11 types of equipment, it means that they can and should be transported to IL 76. And a wider airplane let it be for technology with large dimensions. It's simple, if you need to lift a cargo weighing 4 tons, you use a truck crane on the chassis of a conventional truck, and if in 25, you hire a crane on a four-axle chassis

Trays have nowhere to fly from one place to another, another upgrade has taken place and the series continues.

And you?

Yes, a pancake, "fashion legislators" and the leading aviation power.
Which exploits copies of An-12 and Tu-16!

Look at the materials about the Chinese truck Y-20 ... The fuselage is thicker than that of the IL-76 and, with comparable cargo capacity, the Chinese includes many more types of combat and other equipment. So yes, instead of obs.rat till now not having on TTX analogs of AN-70, we stupidly resumed the clap explicitly already according to the modern realities of the narrow transport vehicle with times worse than the above-mentioned ANA with landing characteristics ... Of the 19 types of technology of Russian airborne troops in IL-76, 11 fits in size ... Yes, Il is already in many ways trash: (

but whose things do you buy equipment? and agricultural crops to you from where? everything is done in china, native. "You thought about pasta, but I repeated it" (c). Kin-Dza-Dza. Well, now it's china.

This shovel aircraft 50 years ... It really needs to be changed already

And then the Chinese have a lot of perfect ....