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The sixth generation Russian fighter accidentally shown in a television story

A sixth-generation Russian hypersonic fighter accidentally hit the shot.

TV channel "Star" accidentally showed the latest Russian secret development. Experts who found an unusual model of a combat aircraft in a video fragment, which, according to experts, is the sixth-generation fighter, the development of which, according to official data, is already being actively conducted by Russian developers, are convinced of this.

Despite the fact that the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 relatively recently appeared on the Russian arsenal, according to officials, Russian designers are already actively working to create the next-generation combat aircraft.

In the video frame at 20 minutes 5 seconds, you can see a stand with models of combat fighters, among which you can recognize all the same Su-35, Su-57, Su-47, MiG 1.44, etc. However, the leftmost fighter It has much smaller dimensions, and at the same time is devoid of stabilizers, which is what stands out - according to experts, it is he who is the first evidence of the sixth generation Russian fighter.

"The small size of the fighter, good aerodynamic shape, as far as it can be seen in the plot, indicates the fact that the aircraft can navigate at cruising supersonic speed, while it is possible that in fact, we can talk about a full-fledged hypersonic aircraft", - the expert marks.

Given the small size, analysts do not exclude that it may be just the unmanned version of the sixth generation fighter, although initially it was reported that Russian scientists are working on creating a manned version of a combat aircraft.

Vania! Sometimes say to yourself the phrase: "Stop yourself, I think, if I am not a fool" Sometimes it helps me not to do obvious nonsense

Eh Vanya, but Israel is asleep and sees C400 reveal themselves. If you were at the helm, Israel would long ago have bombed Syria on 100%

If we do not buy 10 airplanes, then our enemies will build roads in our country

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The roads are built all over the country, to the Urals exactly, bridges, overpasses, interchanges ... What was seven years ago and can not even compare. Although there are still a lot of roads to be done

Yes, we have excellent weapons, you can not argue with this ... But how about everything else? Where are the benefits of civilization? Do at least make roads - you can not buy 10 aircraft, and make good roads in Russia

Same weapon as hypersonic ??? over Russia, the whole world laughs. What's next? Superhypersonic? C-400 did not even react to the launches of Israeli missiles, where they shoot down planes. Now, China will protest and say that in Russia the next wunderwolf was done

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