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Russian "Dagger" was better than the Chinese counterpart

China could not surpass the Russian hypersonic missile.

Over the past few years, scientists and engineers from China have made a real technological breakthrough, having the opportunity to develop, create and successfully test hypersonic weapons. Despite the statements of independent analysts that the Chinese "superweapon" may be an open competitor for Russia, experts came to the conclusion that Chinese technology is seriously lagging behind Russian ones.

As follows from the information provided by the television channel "CCTV", 3 August 2018, China conducted a successful test of its hypersonic weapons. According to the presented data, the aircraft was in the flight 400 seconds, but at the same time its speed was 6 MAX (about 7350 km / h - Ed.), Which means that during his test, he overcame only a few dozen kilometers (taking into account the start and acceleration to hypersonic speed). Experts believe that the maximum range of Chinese hypersonic weapons is about 800-1000 kilometers, while the ARC "Dagger" this figure is 1,5 times higher, and this is without taking into account the fact that the speed of the Russian hypersonic rocket is 12,25 thousand kilometers \ h.

On the other hand, the Sina news agency earlier reported that the latest Chinese weapons have tremendous destructive power and can easily destroy an aircraft carrier, while the Russian ARC "Dagger" can boast of such opportunities.

There is still need to fly with this dagger to the launch position - and this can be a huge problem. it is better to do ground-based installations than air

In both cases, the case is very dark. And it's not worth talking about with full certainty about the characteristics.


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