PRO Iron dome


Russian complex "Krasukha" broke Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome"

Deployed in Syria complex EW "Krasukha" disabled the Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome".

According to the Israeli media, on the border of the Gaza Strip and Israel, the Israeli missile defense system “Iron Dome” spontaneously triggered, causing an alarm, and after a few more seconds, the Israeli complex launched an anti-missile system to intercept the air target. As it turned out, no real threat existed for Israel - the detected target was a consequence of the malfunction of the missile defense system, and, according to analysts, the incident itself could have occurred due to the impact of the Russian electronic countermeasure systems, in particular, it was about the electronic warfare Krasuha which, according to information available to, is located in the Syrian province of Lattakia.

“I cannot unequivocally assert that“ Krasukha ”broke the Israeli“ Iron Dome ”, however, taking into account the data presented, it can be stated with confidence that the principle of the impact of the Russian complex on 90% coincides with the described situation. In fact, under the influence of electromagnetic radiation, the radar equipment of the Israeli missile defense system simply began to "go crazy" ", - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that the Russian EW Krasukha is considered one of the most powerful means of electronic exposure and suppression in the world, in particular, it was previously reported that as a result of the deployment of this complex in Syria, the United States lost several unmanned aerial vehicles military transport aircraft C-130 "Hercules", and American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" was forced to leave the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Israel itself refused to comment on the situation in any way, however, it was noted that the operation of the Iron Dome missile defense system was erroneous.

The iron dome began to rust?

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These systems have a minus: if they are used very often, they can be decoded and in time they will become useless.

Did you graduate from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology or Ryazan Food Technical School?

Radio on the road does not go. But "Krasuha" must be in direct line of sight when acting on an object. Media aircraft are not found. Because of the mountains between the Russian base and the place where their "F Dome" worked, there is NO direct impact!

Radio is also bullshit? It's funny to watch what you write here. Do you have radio waves on your way? A generation of dropouts! What do you learn in physics lessons?

Michael, I agree written bullshit. The bottom line is to again blame RUSSIA for something!

even if 500 km, it’s still unrealistic distances, and accordingly the author wrote bullshit ...

I look here dedicated to all the affairs of the mines of defense have gathered, in which data on all defensive systems and their full characteristics.

The iron dome is designed to combat unmanaged ballistic targets and from a military point of view does not matter much. Breaking it down makes no sense.

Geography interested in useful. Then you will know that from Latakia to Jerusalem 395 km. And all of Israel from north to south - 470 km. And if you learn math, you’ll understand that 395 + 470 is less than 1000.

this rubella is located at a distance of more than 1000 km from S.Gaz. Than to drive a garbage, it is necessary to take an interest at first geography ...

This “rubella” itself, if it is located in Syrian Latakia, is more than 1000 km from S.Gaz ... so before writing a bullshit, you should at least ask about geography ...

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Why then Hmeimim Krasuha not defended if so simple? Another stuffing KREMLYADI !!!

Are there proofs? You can say anything, but we also have non-omnipotent weapons. Well, krasuha and krasuha, but how can it activate the missile defense system? So arguing, if you make an EW with a range of up to a thousand kilometers, is it possible that by special placement of these US complexes without protection be left? Crap it's all wild !!! If it were possible, the drones of the militants would not attack the champion

Jewish boys did not expect such actions. And here you are F-35 will be able to destroy the C-300. If Russia wants, then the whole iron dome will crumble like beads, and that is why Nyantyah cannot do anything nicher for us !!!