Interception of a rocket


The Russian complex S-500 is capable of intercepting hypersonic missiles

Russian C-500 complexes will be the answer to Western sanctions.

Despite the fact that hypersonic weapons are accepted only in Russia, and the rest of the world seeks to gain access to it, the Russian military has already found a way to destroy hypersonic missiles, and this can be done with the help of the latest S-500 SAM systems "Prometheus" which is planned to be adopted in the 2020 year.

This conclusion arises from the fact that earlier the Russian military had announced earlier that the newest domestic S-500 air defense system could intercept small ballistic missiles and air targets moving at a speed of the order of 7 km / s. Given this fact, it is logical to assume that even before China adopts a hypersonic missile and the Pentagon develops its own missile capable of moving at a hypersonic speed, Russia will receive weapons capable of destroying such air targets.

An important feature of the newest Russian air defense system is the ability to destroy targets at great distances. To date, it is known that as part of the test shooting, the complex was able to hit the target at a distance of 481 kilometer, but the developers themselves say that the maximum range of C- 500 "Prometheus" will be 600 kilometers.

Despite the fact that the Russian S-500 SAM is already considered one of the most promising and long-range in the world, China has spoken out against the purchase of these systems in the future, calling the system unpromising and very expensive, while the acquisition of the complex is extremely interested in Turkey, to engage in the production of the Russian Prometheus.

Damn, ballistic missiles always moved with hypersonic speed in 6-7 km / s. Against them, weapons already exist. found what to boast about