Plane A-100 Premier


Russian "flying radar" A-100 "Premier" performed the first full-fledged flight

The Russian Defense Ministry is experiencing A-100 flying radar.

The Russian Ministry of Defense launched a program of preliminary flight tests of the “flying radar” A-100. This multifunctional aviation complex was designed using the IL-76 MD-90А transport aircraft base. It is built at the plant in Ulyanovsk.

A-100 "Premier" has a digital navigation equipment, the same complex control. His cockpit has a modern filling. The main weapon of the aircraft is the newest dual-band locator having a phased antenna array. As the press service of the Ministry of Defense reported, the first flight of the “flying radar” was successful.

Flight A-100 Premier 2018 year

A-100 has capabilities beyond those of its counterparts. In terms of its characteristics, it is superior to the American E-3 aircraft, designed for long-range radar detection. Among the A-100 capabilities is not only the detection and tracking of 300 air, sea and ground targets at a distance of several hundred kilometers, but also the control of unmanned aerial vehicles. There is information that such a function is possible at a distance of 650 kilometers. In addition, A-100 receives information from satellites. Due to this, the range of his actions expands, and their effectiveness increases.

Another feature of the A-100 - increased combat stability in electronic and fire counteraction. The Premier himself is capable of performing the functions characteristic of electronic warfare weapons.

Details of the first tests in flight are not reported, however, Western observers even before the flight tests paid attention to the fact that the newest Russian complex will provide the Russian Federation with a significant advantage in the air. The only thing that puzzles the West is when the A-100 will enter the Russian Aerospace Forces, replacing A-50 and A-50U.

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