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Russian Mi-35 scared the US military in Syria, trying to stop the Russian military patrol

The Russian Mi-35 attack helicopter became a weighty argument for American soldiers not to go to the Russians.

The appearance of the Russian Mi-35 attack helicopter, providing cover for a Russian military patrol in northeastern Syria, was a convincing argument for the United States not to even try to demonstrate its alleged dominance in this region. The combat helicopter proved to be a very convincing argument, since the Russian attack machine could easily crack down on the American military, who sent their weapons both against the helicopter and against the Russian military patrol.

According to sources, in cases where Russian military patrols appear in the north-eastern part of Syria accompanied by helicopters, the US military tries to avoid any clashes with the Russian military, obviously realizing that for the latter it can end up with very serious problems .

“The occupiers (USA - approx. Ed.) Are bold only when the Russians appear without a support helicopter. Obviously, they don’t want the Russians to straighten them with kicks. ”, - one of local residents declares, commenting on the last skirmish between the Russian and American military personnel.

It should be clarified that to date, not a single incident has been recorded between American and Russian forces during the escort of the latter by Russian attack helicopters.

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Ross helicopters are equipped with the President-S multispectral laser system, which blinds MANPADS missiles, leads missiles to the side

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